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Vidal Sweets

Dedicated to creating the most delicious and exciting sweets around, Vidal's range is filled with crowd-pleasing favourites of all different kinds. With mouth-watering foam and gummy pick n mix sweets, bubble gum and the ever-popular Vidal lollipops. Shop the best Vidal lines today and put smiles on sweet lovers' faces!


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          About Vidal Sweets

          Started all the way back in 1963, Spanish brand Vidal has been making top-quality sweets for decades. A family business that has always been driven to satisfy the sweet tooth of all ages; their sweets have been available in the UK for over 25 years. With beloved lines that include Mega Cables, pick n mix tubs and a range of different flavour lollipops and numerous novelty lines, there is something for every sweet lover. Here at Hancocks, you'll find the top picks of the Vidal range all available online in wholesale quantities. Whether you're a pick n mix specialist, a convenience store or any other kind of confectionery vendor, we've got the bulk Vidal stock you need.

          Vidal Lollies

          Sold in fantastic display tubs, the range of Vidal lollipops is a fantastic addition to any store that will instantly fill shoppers with the nostalgia of a retro sweetshop. Available in a great array of flavours, you can offer a range that has everyone licking their lips. Popular flavours include the Vidal Lotta Lollies Blue Raspberry Lollipops, which are also available in Strawberry & Cream as well as the assorted fruit-flavoured Lotta Lollies Tongue Painter Lollies Tub. Each includes 1kg of lollipops with a beloved and eye-catching display lid.

          You'll also find their range of Mega Zoom lollipops, which offer a chunkier treat. The bulk cases include no less than 50 lollies, with delicious flavours and each with a hidden surprise. The Super Sour Mega Zoom Lollies are fruity and sour with a bubble gum centre, whilst the Mega Zoom Tongue Painters will, you guessed it, change the colour of your tongue!

          Vidal Jelly Sweets

          With enough variety to make anyone feel like the proverbial kid in a sweet shop, Vidal's selection of jelly, chewy and foam sweets includes something for everyone! Combining fun and novel designs with delicious flavours and top-quality sweets, there is a great selection that will bolster anyone's sweet selection. You'll find bulk bags, wholesale pick n mix tubs and display cases of popular sweets that will catch the eye of any shopper.

          A popular novel choice, the Vidal Jelly Filled Brains is a tub of 5p sweets that will certainly turn heads in store. The strawberry-flavoured gummies feature a fruity, jelly centre that makes them particularly popular with younger sweet fans. Another tub that is popular in a tuck shop is their Apple Belts. Again in a 5p tub, these fizzy strips come in a variety of flavours and are a great way to add some sourness to a pick n mix. There is also a selection of 10p tubs, with bigger sweets like the ever-popular Jelly Snakes.

          For those looking to fill a pick and mix stand, the bags of bulk Vidal jelly sweets are perfect. Amazing lines like Vidal Triple Hearts, Jelly Filled Turtles and many more are available in 1kg bags, whilst their Fizzy Rainbow Bites come in 2kg bags and lines like the Fizzy Blue Raspberry Pencil Bites are available in 3kg bags. There are various flavours of the beloved Pencil Bites available, whilst the ginormous Vidal Giant Cables are sold in 6kg boxes! These are incredible showstoppers that not only draw more than their share of admiring glances but also offer a massive POR of over 70%. What's not to love?

          Are Vidal Sweets Halal?

          Driven to provide sweets that cater to all customers, Vidal produces some sweets that are halal. They are produced for specific regions and countries using the finest ingredients. Here at Hancocks, we have a fantastic range of halal sweets that range from pick n mix favourites and sweet tubs to gobstoppers and lollipops. As always, our range of wholesale sweets has everything you need to provide for everyone!

          Are Vidal Sweets Vegan?

          Among their range, Vidal also has mouth-watering vegan sweets. Their Blue Raspberry flavoured Lotta Lollies are not only a bestseller, but a vegan delight that everyone enjoys! For those who prefer to have something they can sink their teeth into, the Vidal Veggie Marshmallows are sure to be a hit. The pink and white vanilla mallows deliver the fluffy joys that are quintessential for a great marshmallow and, despite being called veggie, they're made to a vegan recipe! Both of these lines, just like all of the other Vidal candies here at Hancocks, are available in bulk both online and in-store.

          Vidal Sweets Wholesale

          With a catalogue that's bursting with quality sweets, Vidal is a brand that retailers and sweet fans love all over the world. Ranging from wholesale lollipops and chewy favourites to pick n mix stars, there's something for every business and every shopper! With free delivery available on the whole selection, Hancocks are the go-to Vidal sweets wholesaler.

          As with the rest of our stock, be it pick n mix sweets or wholesale chocolate, our range of Vidal sweets is available to buy in bulk online with a host of delivery options. If you have any questions regarding stock or anything else, simply contact us and we will help you however we can!