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Walker's Nonsuch Toffee & Chocolate

A classic British confection, Walker's Nonsuch Toffees are a favourite spanning back generations. Ranging from Liquorice Toffees to chocolate eclairs and many more amazing toffees, you’ll find everything you need right here. Shop online and buy in bulk today!


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          About Walker's Nonsuch

          Way back in 1894, Walker's Nonsuch was founded by Edward Joseph Walker, a former potter who bought a small sweetshop in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. Along with his sister, they began creating delicious toffees with a secret, unique recipe. So good was this recipe, that toffee lovers couldn’t get enough and soon production of Walker’s sweets moved to their first factory. From there, the family company known for their tasty toffee continued to grow. Five generations of Walkers have kept the dream alive, with Walkers Nonsuch Toffees a beloved British delight seen as a sweet delicacy all around the world.

          Today, the signature Walker's recipe toffee lends itself to a jaw-dropping range of products that have sweet-toothed folk licking their lips. From classic toffees to a selection of moreish flavours and, of course, their signature hammer, it’s safe to say that the Walker's Nonsuch range is as appealing as ever. The creamy toffees are an exciting way to add nostalgia to any store.  

          Walker's Toffee Bags & Jars

          We all know just how dreamy top-quality toffee sweets are and that is just what you get with Walker's Nonsuch. Whether you want to stock showstopping gifts filled with nostalgia or you’re looking to stock up on bulk stock, the wholesale bags and jars of Walker's Nonsuch toffees offer great value. From their classic English Creamy Toffees to their moreish Liquorice Toffees, Treacle Toffees and many, many more, there is something to get everyone smiling. For the best value, on everything from assorted Mint Toffees, wholesale bags and jars of Walker's Nonsuch Toffees are the way to go.  

          Walker's Toffee Slab & Hammer

          A truly exciting gift for any toffee lover, the Walker's Nonsuch Toffee Hammer is very much iconic. A toffee slab with a hammer is the most exciting way to enjoy toffee. The gift packs are a magical way to spread the pure joy of nostalgic toffee in-store. Available in classic toffee, Nutty Brazil and Liquorice Toffee slabs, these are wonderful gifts that are popularly given throughout the seasons. Available in 200g twin packs and jumbo 400g slabs, these Walker’s toffee slabs will be a smash hit with all shoppers!  

          Walker's Toffee Bars

          For a rich little toffee treat on the go, the Walker's Nonsuch Toffee Bars are the ideal addition to the shelves of convenience stores as well as specialist sweetshops. Like the solid slabs, these bars need a good whack before the fun can begin! A treat that is as much fun as it is tasty. The Walker's Nonsuch Original Toffee Bars are a popular pick and are accompanied by Brazil Nut, Yummy Banana, Liquorice, Hazelnut and Treacle Toffee bars. With such a diverse choice, you can easily offer a smashing toffee experience that appeals to your entire toffee-loving customer base.  

          Walker's Chocolates

          A combination of flavours that famously complement each other, it’s no surprise that Walker's Nonsuch chocolate products are as popular as any. The process of coating their creamy signature toffee in smooth milk chocolate might not be the most complex procedure in the world, but the results are massive – a truly indulgent treat that is impossible not to savour. Intensifying the chocolate, Walker’s Nonsuch Double Dipped Chocolate Toffees are perfect when shoppers want that minute to themselves. Taking a slightly different approach, there are also bulk Dark Chocolate Covered Toffees, as well as toffee-covered chocolates. Yep, we’ve also got the lavish Walker’s Nonsuch Milk Chocolate Eclairs. They’re not the only Walker’s eclairs we’ve got, though! For those shoppers feeling a touch adventurous, we’ve also got their Mint Chocolate Eclairs to help keep your offering fresh.  

          Wholesale Walker's Toffee & Chocolates

          Here at Hancocks, you’ll find the most popular Walker’s Nonsuch Toffees – whether that’s for gifting, snacking, or stocking up – and they’re all available in bulk here at Hancocks. So if you’re looking to buy Walker’s toffee wholesale you’ll be able to fill your shelves with the world-famous products that your customers love whilst enjoying great value, too! From wholesale bags and jars to gift boxes, bars and sharing bags, the Walker’s Nonsuch range is available to order online here at Hancocks. So all you have to do is place your order and wait for your delivery. If you have any questions about any of our Walker’s Nonsuch range, simply contact us and we’ll help out however we can.