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          Top 50 Pick n Mix Sweets

          The world of pick n mix has been incredibly popular ever since it first came to the UK many years ago. People have always loved being able to pick exactly the mix they want, bringing all of their favourites into one place! Here at Hancocks, we've been in the wholesale sweets game for a very long time, and we know that pick and mix sweets are just as exciting for customers today as they've ever been. Sure, there might be new sweets all the time, but that only enhances the appeal. Having retro sweets alongside the latest additions is all part of the magic that pick and mix will bring. For those looking to boost the popularity of their pick n mix stand, here are our best-selling pick n mix lines it isn't a bad place to start if you're setting up a new stand, either.

          Kingsway Pick n Mix

          From jelly sweets to chocolate treats and anything else you can think of, Kingsway truly is a pick n mix specialist. Their wide range of bulk sweets includes every type of confection your customers could desire. All of their lines are delicious, top quality and offer fantastic bulk value. From classics like Wine Gums to fresh favourites like Fizzy Watermelon Slices plus lots of vegan pick n mix lines Kingsway have got you covered.

          Haribo Pick n Mix

          One of the biggest brands in the whole of the sweets world, adding Haribo lines to your store is never a bad idea. Famous for their gummy delights that are loved by all ages, there are several Haribo lines that will add appeal to any pick n mix stand. Here at Hancocks, you'll find the iconic Haribo Gold Bears, Cola Bottles and Heart Throbs, all available in bulk to bolster your wholesale sweets offering. Other crowd-pleasers include the Haribo Rhubarb and Custard and not to forget the Haribo Yellow Bellies!

          Swizzels Pick n Mix

          When you see the Swizzels name, you know that you're getting the best quality. The fact that some of their most popular lines have been around for over fifty years is a testament to that! Ideal for any pick n mix stand, their bulk favourites consistently sell well and are a hit with sweet lovers of all ages. With their fizzy fruit flavour and adorable little messages, Love Hearts are one of the most iconic Swizzels products. In a bulk bag, these Mini Rolls are perfect for filling a container on a pick n mix stand and spreading the love!

          Among many other things, Swizzels are revered particularly for their chewy treats and there are two in particular that are ideal additions to any pick n mix offering. With their lemon flavour and sherbet centre, the Swizzels Refreshers are a zesty addition, whilst the signature raspberry and milk flavour of the Drumstick Lollies has its own strong following.

          Retro Pick n Mix

          With all pick and mix comes a sense of nostalgia. Many new sweets are simply a fresh take on those that came before them, but there are also plenty that have stood the test of time and are as popular today as they were way back when.

          Invented in the 1950s, Flying Saucers are inimitable sweets. These retro favourites have remained popular throughout the decades and are still in demand today. Their citric wafer shell is filled with fizzy sherbet a combination that is out of this world! Loved by sweets fans of all ages, the Frisia Flying Saucers Bulk Drum is a great way to add some retro charm to any pick n mix stand.

          For chocolate fans, both Jazzies and Snowies will need no introduction. With a delicious milk chocolate base, topped with tiny crunchy candies, Jazzies are a pick n mix staple. The same goes for Snowies, which offer a white chocolate alternative for those with a sweeter tooth!

          A throwback to the days of weigh-out sweets, Lions Midget Gems are the original hard gums. Still with the same natural flavours, these will appeal to fans of old as well as drawing in the younger generation. Not only are they delicious retro sweets with a name that carries weight, but they're colourful and will brighten up your display.

          Throughout our range of retro pick n mix sweets, you'll find hundreds of lines that will take shoppers on a trip down memory lane. The selection on offer ranges from Foam Bananas to Dolly Mixture and beyond, so you know that you'll find the retro treats that best suit your business.

          Other Top Pick n Mix

          Offering a wider variety is a great way to make your pick and mix sweets stand out from the rest. It's important to have the most popular types of sweets but including something a little less predictable is a great way to offer shoppers something delicious that they wouldn't necessarily have thought about themselves.

          Bite-sized chunks of Kingsway Lonka Fudge are lovely pick n mix surprise that always proves popular. This creamy and sweet vanilla fudge proves popular with shoppers time after time.

          Most often seen in cartons or gift boxes, everyone adores Celebrations. But, with the Celebrations Chocolate Bulk Box, you can add the popular assortment to your store however you like! With these wholesale sweets, you have the flexibility to add them to your own hampers and gift boxes, or even your pick n mix supply!

          When the time comes to restock your pick n mix lines, you'll be able to find the best sweets for your store here at Hancocks. Whether you're filling your pick n mix stand or creating your own sweet gifts and hampers, it makes sense to choose from the best-sellers. Just like any of the wholesale sweets available here at Hancocks, you'll find top-quality lines at low trade prices. If you have any questions about any of our products, simply contact our team and we'll happily help you out.