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Terry's Chocolate

An iconic British confection, Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a popular crowd-pleaser throughout the year! Delicious chocolate flavoured with real orange oil, the balls of indulgence are adored by generations of chocolate lovers. Available in a range of flavours along with bars and Minis too, stock up on shoppers’ favourites in bulk today.


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          Terry's Chocolate Oranges

          We all know and love Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, and we know that they’ve been around for generations! However, the pioneering company actually started pairing chocolate with fruity flavours when Joseph Terry invented the chocolate apple. Yes, it all started with an apple, way back in 1823!  The first Chocolate Orange to roll off the production line in the famed York factory was in 1932 and the sweet-toothed public has loved them ever since. Obviously, the smooth milk chocolate egg, flavoured with orange oil and split into bite-sized segments is the iconic centrepiece of the Terry’s range. Of course, you can buy this confectionery staple in bulk right here at Hancock's. Not only that, but we stock a variety of flavours for you to choose from, too. Along with the classic, there’s the Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange and Terry’s White Chocolate Orange Ball, the masters of orange chocolate are always adding new and exciting twists to their line-up – and you’ll find them all right here!  

          Terry's Chocolate Orange Bars

          Taking the iconic recipe and adding it to a more convenient format, Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange Bars are a fantastic addition for Terry’s lovers on the go. The same delicious orange chocolate – but that you don’t need to smash to enjoy! You’ll find multipacks and sharing bars, to help you cater for every type of customer! Available to buy in bulk and online, filling your shelves could hardly be easier.  

          Orange Minis

          To share or snack, smaller portions are great for chocoholics. The mini segments of outrageously orange chocolate are perfect for any occasion and made even more tempting in a price-marked pack. For shoppers feeling a little more adventurous, there are also Terry’s Milk Chocolate Crispy Oranges and Minis Biscuit pouches, whilst those searching for an altogether sweeter treat will lap up the Terry’s White Chocolate Orange Minis! As with all of the wonderful Terry’s lines here at Hancocks, you can enjoy the perks of UK delivery when shopping in bulk on the various Terry’s Chocolate Orange Minis and pouches.  

          Terry's Chocolate at Hancocks

          The zesty chocolate that Terry’s is so famous for is an a-peeling addition to the shelves of any store. Across their range here at Hancocks you can enjoy bulk quantities and hassle-free online shopping on all of Terry’s bulk chocolate. As always, we’re working hard to ensure that you can offer your customers the lines that they want and keep them coming back! If you have any questions about any of our wholesale confectionery, pick n mix sweets or other bulk chocolate, simply contact us and we will gladly help you out.