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Taking their flavour from the famous berry mix, Vimto sweets are a hit with sweet lovers across generations! With lollipops, spray candy, jelly beans and much more, there's a taste of Vimto for every customer.


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          About Vimto Sweets

          Founded more than a century ago with the name Vimtonic, John Joel Nichols created the iconic flavour we all know and love. Born as an herbal tonic full of vim and vigour, the spiced fruity flavour was a hit and the exact recipe is still a secret to many today! Over time, the drink became known as Vimto and a wider range of products were added to their range. From flavour variations to, more recently, outrageously delicious sweets! Today, the Vimto name is the star in the crown of Nichols PLC, a company founded by the man behind Vimto itself!

          Popular Vimto Sweets

          Within their range of sweets, Vimto has some innovative and exciting lines that shoppers are bound to love. Their range is so diverse that there are favourites for the whole family no matter their preference! Adding the beloved berry flavour to a different treat for every occasion, Vimto sweets are a great way to attract the interest of shoppers of all ages.

          Vimto Candy Spray

          A Vimto sweet that younger customers in particular will love is their Candy Spray! Available in a variety of flavours and sizes, the liquid candy is a unique experience that will capture imaginations! Full of the classic Vimto flavour, the Seriously Big Candy Spray available in both 60ml and 80ml sizes offers an inventive way to satisfy those Vimto cravings! Also available in bulk, there's the cherry and original flavour Double Candy Spray and the Seriously Big Candy Cherry & Strawberry Spray. For another approach to the delicious flavour, the Vimto Roller Licker Liquid Candy will have sweet lovers grinning from ear to ear.

          Vimto Share Bags

          Bringing the delicious Vimto flavour to everyone, our range of share bags gives you plenty of options that will please the whole family. With choices including Vimto Mini Jelly Beans 160g, Juicy Mix Ups 130g and Fizzy Mallows 100g, there are treats for every family! The Jelly Beans come in original, strawberry and cherry flavours and the Vimto Juicy Mix Ups include Vimto-flavoured gummy favourites and a secret flavour!

          Vimto Bon Bons

          Combining a classic British flavour with a classic British sweet, the Vimto Bon Bons are a match made in heaven. With both 2.1kg bulk jars and share bags available, there are options that can work for any store. However you offer shoppers Vimto Bon Bons, you can find them in the quantities you need right here at Hancocks.

          Vimto Millions

          Again, the iconic berry flavour has teamed up with a beloved British sweet to create the mouth-watering Millions Vimto! Sold in three different varieties, you can provide the chewy little treats that shoppers crave whatever the occasion. With 40g tubes, a 2.27kg jar and 1 price-marked bag, there's an option to suit any store.

          Vegan & Vegetarian Vimto Sweets

          Across the delicious range of Vimto sweets, numerous choices are suitable for both vegan and vegetarian diets. Among Vimtos vegan sweets you'll find Vimto Millions, the Roller Licker Liquid Candy and the Swizzels Vimto Chew Bar. If you're looking for vegetarian sweets, then Vimto has a wide selection that includes their Candy Sprays and the Vimto Original Lollipops Jar!

          Wholesale Vimto Sweets

          When shopping for wholesale Vimto sweets, there's no better place than Hancocks. The UK's leading confectionery wholesaler, we've been supplying retailers with all of the top-quality sweets and chocolate they need since 1962! You'll find fizzy Vimto sweets, such as Vimto fizzy pencils, Vimto chews and much more. For your next Vimto bulk buy, we've got the stock you need! With our online stock available for delivery and Click & Collect orders, so you can get your stock however suits you! If you have any questions about our range of Vimto sweets or anything else in our arsenal feel free to contact our team and will happily help however we can!