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Mogu Mogu

Popular all over the world, Mogu Mogu’s nata de coco drinks are a unique drink with cream of coconut chunks that you’ve gotta chew! With a range of luscious, fruity flavours, these exciting wholesale drinks will enhance any range. Shop our range of Mogu Mogu flavours in bulk today!


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          About Mogu Mogu

          Mogu Mogu, the renowned Thai nata de coco drink, has been carving its path since its establishment in 1970. With their unique blend of cream of coconut and a burst of vibrant flavours, Mogu Mogu drinks have become an exciting and trendy beverage choice for shoppers. As an innovative drink and snack hybrid, Mogu Mogu offers a refreshing twist that is sure to entice your customers. Their drinks feature nata de coco, also known as coconut gel, so you get a healthy little snack as well as a vibrant and fruity drink. The name itself, Mogu Mogu, is derived from the Japanese term ‘to chew’, which makes perfect sense! Don't miss out on this exciting addition to the UK market – make Mogu Mogu drinks a must-have stock for your store today. 

          Mogu Mogu Drinks

          Mogu Mogu drinks are the epitome of delightful refreshments. These drinks combine the rich creaminess of coconut with an explosion of fruity goodness. Each sip of Mogu Mogu delivers a luscious and unique taste that is simply irresistible. Made from coconut water, the inclusion of nata de coco brings plenty of health benefits with it. Bottles of Mogu Mogu are low in calories, don’t contain fat and are a delicious source of vitamin C. Whether your customers crave the exotic allure of lychee, the tropical essence of mango, or the delight of strawberry, Mogu Mogu drinks remain low-calorie and fat-free and are suitable for vegan and vegetarian customers. Embrace the sensation of Mogu Mogu drinks and add a standout option to your store's beverage selection to new heights. 

          Mogu Mogu Flavours

          Mogu Mogu juices boast an extensive range of vibrant and mouthwatering flavours. The blueberry variant will enchant them with its tangy sweetness, while Mogu Mogu Grape will leave them longing for more. Bottles of Mogu Mogu Lychee juice evoke the essence of exoticism, while Mogu Mogu Mango transports the taste buds to a tropical paradise. Melon flavour brings a refreshing twist, and the Mogu Mogu Strawberry is a familiar favourite. By stocking Mogu Mogu drinks in all their delightful flavours, you ensure a diverse and exciting selection for your customers. 

          Mogu Mogu Wholesale

          Mogu Mogu drinks are a fantastic addition to any retailer or store. With their irresistible range of vibrant flavours, these beverages offer a unique and enjoyable experience for customers of all ages. As you stock up on Mogu Mogu drinks, you can captivate your audience and satisfy their thirst for something new and exciting. Take advantage of the convenience offered by Hancocks and ensure your store is always well-stocked with these trending drinks. Embrace the Mogu Mogu phenomenon and grow your drinks selection to new heights.

          When it comes to purchasing Mogu Mogu drinks in bulk, look no further than Hancocks. Not only do we offer an extensive range of wholesale sweets and chocolates, but we also carry a selection of the most desirable wholesale drinks, including Mogu Mogu. With the choice to order online and click and collect from your nearest depot, stocking up on Mogu Mogu bulk drinks has never been easier. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your store remains a go-to destination for the latest and most exciting beverages on the market. If you have any questions, simply contact us and our expert team will be glad to help.