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Calypso Drinks

Loved for their range of lemonade that has an extra fruity kick, there is no refreshment quite like that of Calypso! With a wide range of flavours that can put a smile on anybodys face, stock up and add them to your shelves today.


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          About Calypso

          The original Calypso Lemonade was first made in 1985 with a simple recipe that centred around real lemons and real sugar. Over the years, more tropical flavour variations have been added, taking inspiration from the islands they are all truly mouth-watering! So, there is now a Calypso Lemonade for everyone. The range of beautiful glass bottles will add charm to any store and will light up the faces of thirsty shoppers. Browse our range and add the tropical charm of Calypso to your drinks selection.

          Calypso Lemonade Drinks

          With tropical twists and bottles filled with fruity fun, the range of Calypso drinks is vibrant and truly exciting. Here at Hancocks, you'll find a wide selection that caters to all tastes. Of course, we've got the Calypso Original Lemonade Bottles, its piercing freshness is the perfect centrepiece to any drinks range.

          Calypso Ocean Blue Lemonade is a particularly popular choice that shoppers cannot ignore. The blue Calypso is an eye-catching and delicious drink, flavoured with blueberry, blackberry, blue raspberry and, of course, lemons!

          Adding the flavours of cherry, orange, grape and pineapple to the zingy lemonade, Calypso Paradise Punch is a rich blend of fruitiness. Pair this with Calypso Island Wave Lemonade, Triple Melon Lemonade and many other exciting bottles and it is simple to create a vibrant and delicious range. Other flavours include Tropical Mango, Pineapple Peach and Calypso Strawberry Lemonade.

          Calypso Drinks Wholesale

          A vibrant drink that encapsulates the taste of the Islands, Calypso Lemonade is a wonderfully tropical addition to the ranks of any store! Across the range of flavours that'll all have shoppers licking their lips, you can find them all available in bulk, right here at Hancocks. Make the most of our Click & Collect service and pick up your wholesale drinks from the depot nearest to you. Perfect for thirsty shoppers on the move, add Calypso Lemonade to your stock today.

          If you have any questions about any of our bulk drinks, wholesale sweets and chocolate, simply contact the Hancocks team and we will happily assist in any way we can.