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          Seasonal confectionery is a great way for retailers to boost sales. We have exploited the growing chocolate and sugar confectionary markets by branching into products for special occasions - a fast growing market. Christmas confectionery sales are currently worth a huge £163m in the UK, whilst Halloween confectionery is the fastest-growing market segment in seasonal confectionery today. This is why at Hancocks, we have developed a strong range of wholesale seasonal confectionery, available at the key times of year.

          At Hancocks, we offer: Halloween children's sweets Festive Christmas confectionery Ideas for Valentine’s Day confectionery Gifting chocolates for Mother’s Day Options for Easter eggs and confectionery Retailers can develop a real strength by embracing all of the seasonal confectionery opportunies, offering something different and interesting to their customers. Sometimes it is a case of creating a themed display and bringing year round sellers to the fore whilst adding a few new ideas. For example Brain Lickers and Toxic Waste for Halloween, in addition to pick and mix sweets such as Red Eyes Skulls and Giant Jelly Rats and themed confectionery like Valentines sweets. You can rest assured that Hancocks will always have something new to try for each seasonal confectionery opportunity. Many of our year-round top-sellers such as nougat, fudge and bonbons are packaged into bags for Christmas gifting and sharing, or for use as less seasonal party sweets, whilst sweet filled jars and other novelties confectionery items can offer a perfect token gift for customers to give at Christmas time without breaking the budget. Specialising in the wholesale of confectionery throughout the year, Hancocks can develop and stock a comprehensive range of seasonal confectionery items at most competitive prices, allowing businesses such as yourselves to take full advantage of each seasonal opportunity, building your sales and profitability.