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From swirl lollies and fun novelty lines to favourites like Swizzels Drumsticks and Chupa Chups, stock up on all of the wholesale lollipops you need right here!


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          Types of Lollipops

          Everyone loves lollipops. As soon as you put one in your mouth you feel like a kid again! With such a broad range of lasting flavours, there’s a lolly for every taste and situation! Here at Hancocks, we’ve got all kinds of lollies from exciting novelty picks for kids to retro sweets for the bigger kids. For those who love to sink their teeth into their treats we’ve got plenty of chewy and marshmallow options, too. So whatever lollipops your store needs, you’ll be able to find them here!

          Retro Lollies

          Lollipops have been a popular sweet treat for many years, and some of the classics are still among the most popular today. A tub of lollies, with a stand on the lid, is a quintessential memory of traditional British sweet shops, and we have plenty of them to choose from! There are a range of flavours from brands like Vidal, whilst Dobsons’ lollies in retro sweet jars are also popular.

          The Kingsway Flat Heart Lollipops are also a nostalgic treat. Whether you add them to a pick n mix display or put them in gift bags, these strawberry flavour lollies are a delicious treat that will always spread the love.

          Swirl Lollies

          The unique treat of a big swirl lolly is one that never fails to spread joy – even seeing someone else enjoying one is enough to make you smile! Candy Pops’ Wheel Lollies are big, bright and full of fun! They’re available in a range of flavours, so you can easily put on a mesmerising display. From the popular Blue Raspberry and Strawberry & Cream to Apple & Custard and the brightest of all, fruity Rainbow!

          With their pink and blue designs, the Crazy Candy Factory Strawberry & Bubblegum Swirl Lollies look fantastic on shelves. They’re also a delicious way to enjoy an iconic sweet. In the same flavours and with the same vivid colours, their Twist Lollipop cousins are a great alternative that is equally eye-catching.

          Chewy Lollies

          Many of the first lollipops that spring to mind are hard candies, but you can’t forget about the chewy ones. Chief among them is the iconic Swizzels Drumstick!

          It has been with us since 1957, and the milk and raspberry chewy ‘pop is cherished by sweet lovers of all ages. A must-have for any range of lollipops, these chewy treats on a stick are always a hit. Available in a ready-to-display case, bigger Mega Lollies and bulk bags to merchandise however you like, there’s a Drumstick for any occasion.

          Notably softer, Kandy King has a range of luscious marshmallow lollies. Their Watermelon Wedge Lollipops are ideal for summer, whilst kids will adore their Cat, Pig and Wheel mallow lollies. But, for maximum marshmallow, you’ll need their Mallow Kebabs!

          Chupa Chups Lollipops

          Chupa Chups are one of the biggest names in the lolly game. Customers not only love their sweets but trust the name, too. An obvious choice for any store, the Chupa Chups Wheel Best of Lollipops brings together the six most popular flavours on a stunning carousel. Wherever it is in store, it’s impossible to miss with its branding and no less than 200 lollies! The Sugar-Free Slimline Wheel provides 120 sweet treats for those avoiding sugar, whilst the box of Melody Pops is ideal for entertaining younger shoppers.

          Swizzels Lollipops

          Alongside being responsible for the iconic Drumstick, Swizzels has other crowd-pleasing lollies in their repertoire that all have their own following. Bearing the iconic fruit-inspired wrappers, the Fruity Pops are a delicious classic. The no-nonsense hard lollies come in strawberry, lemon and blackcurrant flavours and always deliver a juicy treat.

          The chalky texture of the Double Lollies is a retro sweet shop favourite. Introduced in the same year Queen Elizabeth took the throne, the individually wrapped fruit-flavoured lollipops are popular with sweet fans of all ages.

          A much newer addition, the Flic ‘N’ Lic Lollies are a hit with school kids and are an ideal pocket money treat. With four fruity flavours and a fun plastic holder, they’re hard to resist on the counter. You’ll also find that several Swizzels lines are vegan sweets, too!

          Novelty Lollipops

          With lollipops as ideal treats for younger sweets fans, you can expect novelty lollies to perform well all year round. You’ll find a good number of exciting options from Crazy Candy Factory, with retro hits like the Rainbow Dummies alongside Submarine Dip & Lick. Their Zoo Lollipops are one of our best sellers. With four different designs and flavours, these cases of animal candy rings are easy to merchandise and will fly off shelves.

          With the movies such a hit with the little ones, Minions Mallow Lollipops are adorable marshmallow lollies that will have plenty of fans. To capture their imagination, the Paw Patrol Pop Ups and Kinnerton’s Milk Chocolate Lollipops - emblazoned with Peppa Pig, LOL Surprise and Paw Patrol again – are appealing options to fans of any of the shows.

          Lollipops are a staple of any sweetshop, and the range available here at Hancocks will include the lines you need to keep your happy customers coming back. If you have questions about any lollies – or our other bulk sweets – feel free to contact our team, who will happily help you out!