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Mars Chocolate

With such an array of popular chocolate bars and beloved sweets, Mars really needs no introduction! From the classic Mars bar to Snickers, Skittles and Starbursts, there are countless must-haves throughout their range. Buy them all in bulk and online right here!


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          Mars Bars

          The brand’s signature bar, the Mars bar is an iconic treat across the world. Pairing a nougat centre with a caramel layer and a milk chocolate shell, it has been a stalwart of the chocolate landscape since 1932. It formed the basis for the whole of the Mars company chocolate family to grow and is as popular today as it ever has been. Here at Hancocks, it is available in a range of packs and sizes, so you can offer them to shoppers whatever their situation. The regular 51g bar comes either in a bulk pack of 24 or 48 bars and is also available in a price-marked pack, whilst offering the 118.2g multipack is ideal for shoppers looking to stock up themselves. This iconic bar is a reassuring sight for customers with a sweet tooth and is so popular for good reason.  


          Offering sweets fans the chance to taste the rainbow, Skittles are easily one of the most famous treats around. One of several Mars sweets on offer, these fruity treats with a chewy centre and crispy shell are loved by all ages. The bright and colourful sweets have long been a favourite of Brits with a sweet tooth, so adding them to your shelves in no bad idea. Available in multiple pack sizes, as well as a massive bulk 1.6kg vending bag, you’ll find the wholesale Skittles sweets you need right here.  


          Very similar to the Mars bar, the Snickers bar combines nougat, caramel and chocolate with the added nutty crunch of peanuts! Formerly known as the Marathon bar, this fan favourite is always in demand. Find it here in a range of different sizes and multipacks and give your customers the Snickers they’re looking for.  


          These individually wrapped fruity, chewy taffies are loved by multiple generations of sweet lovers. Since they were introduced in 1960, Starburst has added plenty of varieties over the years to further excitement and keep fans coming back for more. Alongside share bags, 3 packs and bags of Minis, the Original Starbursts come in numerous formats to extend their appeal. Here at Hancocks, you’ll also find the Fave Reds and Very Berry variations on offer, so you can provide for all kinds of Starburst fans with ease.  


          Regardless of whether they are team Left Twix, or devoted to the Right Twix, you’ll find the stock you need to line your shelves with the golden-wrapped bars. The recipe of caramel, biscuit and milk chocolate is loved by so many, so offering shoppers 50g Twin Bars, 75g Xtra bars and 120g multipacks will ensure that you please everyone. We also stock the moreish Salted Caramel bars, whilst the original bars are found in miniature form in the beloved Celebrations mix – which you’ll find in a host of formats, too.

          Mars Wholesale

          Here at Hancocks, we know the importance of providing shoppers with the chocolate and sweets that they love. Having built up a brilliant reputation and mouth-watering family of confectionery that has something for everyone, adding Mars chocolate to your arsenal is always a good thing. Within our massive offering of wholesale sweets and chocolate, you’ll find all of the Mars brands and lines needed to put smiles on shoppers’ faces.

          As with all of our products, you’ll find the Mars stock you need online, in bulk and available for delivery. Once you’ve been online and chosen your stock, we’ll deliver it straight to you. This is ideal for any Mars retailer, providing the lines you need simply and easily. If you have any questions about any of our stock, delivery options or anything else at all, we’re happy to help! Simply contact us and our team will do whatever they can to assist.