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Dairy-Free Sweets & Confectionery

From jelly favourites to vegan chocolate, our range of dairy-free sweets has something for every customer.


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          What Sweets Are Dairy Free?

          As a retailer, it's crucial to stay updated on the dietary requirements and preferences of your shoppers. Dairy-free sweets are common in the confectionery world, catering to a growing market of consumers who avoid dairy for various reasons. Whilst there will be a lot of crossover between vegan and dairy-free sweets, there may still be customers who make a distinction. To provide the most mouth-watering range for your customers, it's important to know what sweets fall under this category.

          Types of Dairy-Free Sweets

          Dairy-free sweets come in an array of flavours and types. From gummy bears to hard candies, and from chocolate bars to fruity chews, there’s something to satisfy every sweet tooth. With popular brands such as Haribo, Crazy Candy Factory, Kingsway, and Jelly Belly offering dairy-free sweets, it is possible to make a delicious and inclusive range.

          What is the difference between Dairy- and Lactose-Free Sweets?

          It's easy to assume that dairy-free and lactose-free are interchangeable, but they serve different dietary needs. Dairy-free sweets are entirely devoid of dairy products. They're perfect for those with a dairy allergy or those who choose to exclude dairy from their diet. Lactose-free sweets, on the other hand, may still contain dairy but specifically no lactose – the sugar in milk that some find hard to digest. In essence, lactose-free treats are tailored specifically for lactose-intolerant customers. Whatever your range, it's essential to clearly label and differentiate these for your shoppers, so suitable, milk-free sweets for lactose intolerant customers are easy to find.

          Wholesale Dairy-Free Sweets

          By shopping with Hancocks, you're not only accessing the UK's widest range of wholesale sweets, but you’re also investing in an inclusive shopping experience for your customers. An expansive dairy-free sweets section filled with big brands and beloved flavours is a welcome sight for customers. From gummy delights to chocolatey wonders, you can offer dairy-free temptations for every customer.

          In conclusion, dairy-free sweets aren't just a fad. They’re a conscious and necessary choice for many, and by stocking them, you're providing for customers and adding more value to your shelves. As with all of the stock available at Hancocks, our dairy-free sweets are available to order online with UK delivery and the option to click and collect, too. If you have any questions, simply contact us and we’ll gladly share our expertise.