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Pick n Mix Candy Cups

Offering customers a handy portion of their favourite pick n mix, our Candy Cups are a fantastic addition that sweet lovers will truly appreciate. With a wide range of delightful mixes that are perfect for any occasion, add them to your range today!


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          Why Choose Candy Cups?

          Shaker cups are a huge hit with fans of all different kinds of sweets and chocolates. For retailers, they’re really easy to merchandise and catch the eye of shoppers, who see them as an easy portion of their favourite treats. There are so many different mixes, that you can offer a quick and easy pick n mix alternative for all shoppers.  

          Fizzy Candy Cups

          There is a big following for gummy fizzy sweets. With so many different options out there, we have plenty of candy cups that will tickle the tastebuds. Combining fizzy cherries and juicy strawberry sweets, the Bonds Cherries & Berries Candy Cup is hugely popular. It offers a fizzy focal point but also compliments it with fantastic fruity flavours.

          Featuring a sweetshop icon, the Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles Candy Cup is the perfect way to enhance your range of candy cups with a familiar face. The same goes for the Watermelon Slices – both of these are a welcome addition to any store.  

          Retro Shaker Cups

          Just like on a pick and mix stand, retro sweets are popular in candy cups, too. Here at Hancocks, we have a brilliant choice of nostalgic candy cups, filled with the most popular Bonds sweets, that shoppers will be glad to see on any shelf. The So Sweet Mix, for example, offers up some delicious throwback flavours. Packed with Flying Saucers, Marshmallows and fruit-flavoured jellies, these will be a hit with all ages.

          Another retro option, the Candy Bliss cup is packed with delicious Strawberry Bites, Pink Hearts and Mallow Poles. With two flavours of a pick n mix classic, the Strawberry & Blue Raspberry Bon Bons Candy Cup is sure to go down a treat. With its pastel pink and blue colours, it will look fantastic on shelf. For those looking for something a little creamier, the Pink & White Mice are a perfect option that will fit into any range of shakers. These strawberry and cream-flavoured candy mice are a sweetshop favourite that has stood the test of time.  

          Vimto Candy Cups

          It’s fair to say that pick and mix sweets and Vimto are both things that everybody loves. So, your customers won’t be able to get enough of the Vimto Shake Upz Pick n Mix Candy Cup! In this mouth-watering mix, there are gummy sweets, jelly beans, fizzy marshmallows and sherbet-filled discs – all enhanced with the secret Vimto flavour! Full of Vimto pick n mix and their easily recognisable logo, these candy cups will turn heads in store. 

          Just Desserts Pick n Mix Candy Cups

          The Bonds Just Desserts mixes are inspired by some of our favourite desserts, so they appeal to sweet lovers twice as much! The Berry Mess Mix Candy Cup combines berry flavour gummy sweets with white chocolate Snowies and marshmallows, replicating a classic Eton Mess in the medium of pick n mix!

          Another dessert that anyone with a sweet tooth finds exciting, the Rocky Road is a rich and tasty treat. With the Bonds Just Desserts Chocky Road Mix Candy Cup, you can offer shoppers an easy hit of that chocolatey and mallowy goodness! Full of milk chocolate cookie and fudge clusters, Jazzies and fluffy vanilla marshmallows, these cups are a treat everyone can enjoy.

          Whatever the tastes of your customers, we have a range of candy cups that will allow you to offer a comprehensive and deliciously easy alternative to traditional pick n mix. Whether they don’t have time to pick a mix, want a sweet treat for a loved one or a cup just catches their eye, candy cups are a fantastic and simple way to boost sales in any store. If you have any questions about any of our bulk sweets, simply contact us and the Hancocks team will happily help you out!