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Mentos Mints

The minty and chewy dragees that are loved by generations, Mentos are a welcome sight to shoppers in any store. Shop online for Mentos mints, as well as other products like Mentos fruit sweets and juicy chewing gum!


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          About Mentos

          Since it was created in 1932, Mentos has delighted taste buds around the world with its irresistible combination of refreshing mint and fruity flavours. The iconic brand was born from the dream of two visionary brothers, Pierre and Michael van Melle. Their inspired vision of a peppermint-flavoured caramel sparked the creation of Mentos, marking the beginning of a delicious legacy.

          Over the decades, Mentos has gone from strength to strength, capturing the hearts of candy enthusiasts worldwide. In the 1950s, Mentos gained global recognition, and in the swinging sixties, the now-familiar Mentos rolls were introduced. These beloved treats soon became a superstar of the confectionery world, offering a minty burst of flavour to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Then, in 1973, Mentos expanded its range with the addition of tantalising fruity flavours that continue to be adored by fans today. 

          Mentos Sweets

          At Hancocks, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of Mentos sweets, providing wholesale customers with a diverse range of choices to meet the demands of their clientele. Whether you're seeking classic minty delights or the juicy burst of their fruit flavours, Mentos has something for everyone. 

          Mentos Mints

          Mentos Mints are the epitome of cool, offering a sublime combination of smooth texture and invigorating peppermint flavour. With their iconic chewiness and irresistible minty taste, these delightful mints provide an instantly refreshing experience. Sold in cases of the iconic rolls, Mentos mints are perfect for shoppers to enjoy on the go whilst multipacks are ideal to share with others. Stocking Mentos mints on your shelves and in hotspots for impulse purchases, you can easily pique your customers’ interest and meet their every minty Mentos need. 

          Mentos Fruit Sweets

          Treat your customers’ taste buds to a burst of fruity joy with Mentos fruit sweets. These colourful chewy dragees feature an array of mouthwatering flavours that will transport anyone to a tropical paradise. From luscious Berry Mix Mentos to the zesty Rainbow blend, Mentos’ fruit flavours offer a delightful and satisfying selection that is sure to please candy lovers of all ages. Find all of these fruity flavours, as well as extremely exciting Mentos Chewy Dragees Fanta Orange (yes, Fanta Mentos are a real thing!) online and in bulk here at Hancocks. 

          Mentos Chewing Gum

          Mentos chewing gum combines the satisfying chewiness of Mentos with long-lasting flavours. Offer shoppers the choice of mouth-water Mentos gum in two flavours and spread the joy with Mentos Sour Gum Apple and Sour Gum Strawberry. For shoppers who want to make the taste and chewiness of Mentos, this candy-coated gum with a liquid centre is thrilling. Add these eye-catching, taste-bud tickling dispensers to your range and serve those adventurous shoppers. 

          Wholesale Mentos at Hancocks

          With such an exciting range and a diverse fanbase, Mentos is a must-have brand for retailers of all kinds. Whether you’re stocking up on their classic minty dragees, pairing them with fruity flavours or complimenting your chewing gum range with the vibrant Mentos gum flavours, you’ll find the stock right here at Hancocks. As with all of our wholesale stock, your Mentos order is available with a choice of UK delivery options that mean you can focus on running your business and we’ll pick and ship your order to you. If you have any questions about our Mentos stock, or any of our other wholesale sweets or chocolate for that matter, simply contact us and we will gladly share our expertise with you.