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Candy Realms

With four enthralling worlds full of mouthwatering sweets, the Candy Realms range has something for every taste and every imagination. The Enchanted Forest, Cosmic Galaxy, Deep Blue Sea and Jurassic Desert each have a unique blend of irresistible sweets – there is plenty of lip-licking fun to be had by shoppers of all ages.


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          Types of Candy Realms Sweets

          Discover the captivating world of Candy Realms sweets, where popular bulk sweets and imaginative worlds come together. At Hancocks, as a confectionery wholesaler with over 60 years of experience, we offer a wide range of Candy Realms products that promise a smile to the face, a treat to taste and a world to discover.

          Customers can dive into the Enchanted Forest, where the magical Llamacorn roams the realm, searching for adorable and delicious treats. The Cosmic Galaxy, home of Captain S. Pace and his cosmic adventures is filled with aliens and monsters and outer space fun. Delve into the Deep Blue Sea where Pearl & the Mermaids enchant alongside underwater friends and treasures. Journey to the Jurassic Desert, where Chompasaur roams in search of jumbo-sized sweets with reptilian friends and creepy crawlies. With each realm offering its own magical pull, kids will be drawn back time and again, ready to indulge in both their minds and their sweet cravings. 

          Candy Realm Bags

          Experience the joy of sharing with our delightful Candy Realms Bags. Delight your customers with our selection of sweetshop favourites, perfectly packaged in convenient bags. Each bag is filled with irresistible candies, including classic Cola Bottles, tangy Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles, and tantalising Sour Dummies. These are perfect for fans of fizzy and sour sweets and will have shoppers licking their lips. Candy Realms Bags are the perfect choice for parties, gatherings, or simply enjoying with loved ones. They also offer retailers a healthy return, so what are you waiting for? Stock up on these crowd-pleasing favourites and ensure that your customers keep coming back for more.  

          Candy Realms Giant Cables

          Unleash the power of imagination with Candy Realms Giant Cables, a must-have for any candy lover! These enchanting jumbo candy cables will captivate your customers and spread excitement in-store. Choose from the Giant Dino Cables or the Giant Llama Cables, offering a whimsical twist to traditional sweets with their vibrant colours and fruity flavours. These oversized, fruity liquorice treats are sure to be a hit, offering a unique and exciting confectionery experience. Make sure to stock up on these delights and let your customers indulge in the magic of Candy Realms.

          Candy Realms Lollies

          Infuse your store with whimsy and charm by offering Candy Realms lollipops. These novelty-shaped lollipops will transport kids to a world of wonder and delight. At Hancocks, we provide a variety of Candy Realms lollies that capture the essence of each realm, ensuring that your customers experience the magic in every lick. From the Ice Lolly Pops to the Flutterby and Bee Mine Pops, there is fun for all. These lollies' eye-catching designs and delicious flavours make them an irresistible treat for children and adults alike.  

          Vegan Candy Realms Sweets

          Now more than ever, it is important to offer something for everyone – no matter their diet – which is why vegan sweets are so popular. That's why we offer a delectable range of vegan Candy Realms Sweets. These delightful treats are crafted without compromising on taste or quality, ensuring that every customer can indulge in the magic of Candy Realms. Expand your product selection with our vegan sweets and cater to the growing demand for plant-based confectionery options.  

          Wholesale Candy Realms Sweets

          Add the magical Candy Realms sweets to your shelves here at Hancocks. As a confectionery wholesaler with over 60 years of experience, we understand the importance of offering shoppers stock that puts a smile on their faces. With great wholesale sweets from all four worlds, get all of the Candy Realms stock you need right here! Shop online and enjoy the convenience of our UK delivery which means you can focus on your business whilst we pack and ship your stock to you. If you have any questions about any of our awesome stock, be it pick n mix sweets or wholesale chocolate, simply contact our expert team and we will gladly share our wisdom.