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The iconic chocolate treats with a colourful, crispy shell, Smarties are loved by people of all ages! Coming in more exciting variations than ever before, fill your shelves with amazing Smarties chocolate that your shoppers crave.


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          Smarties Chocolate

          Created in the UK in in 1937, Smarties have been a favourite chocolate treat of Brits ever since! From the classic sugar-coated chocolate Smarties to the new and exciting variations, there are Smarties chocolates to satisfy any sweet tooth. Available in tubes, bags and chocolate bars, any store will benefit from the addition of Smarties wholesale lines.

          Smarties Buttons

          A fun and exciting addition to the Smarties range, these are adored by chocoholics of all ages! Smarties Buttons are smooth milk chocolate buttons that’re filled with a few mini Smarties for some added pizazz. Available in sharing pouches that are perfect for movie nights with the family or hanging out with friends, these are many reasons for shoppers to grab a bag of Smarties Buttons. Sold in bulk cases of 11 bags, it is easy to stock up on this exciting addition to the Smarties family. Whether it is a new treat to shoppers or not, this Smarties bag offers a unique twist on the classic treat that is popular with all ages!

          Smarties Chocolate Bars

          Chocolate fans love Smarties, but they also love chocolate bars, right? So, you know they’re going to be ecstatic when they see a Smarties Milk Chocolate Sharing Block on your shelves! A tasty, milk chocolate bar with the inclusion of mini Smarties, this is an indulgence that any chocolate lover and fan of Smarties will appreciate. For an extra little kick, there are a few mini orange Smarties included that’re flavoured with natural orange oil. Available in a price-marked pack too, the milk chocolate delight is joined by the Smarties Orange Chocolate Sharing Block, which is a great way to capitalise on the trending orange-flavoured chocolate hype. Price-marked packs signal value for shoppers and often removes a barrier to purchase, meaning that these Smarties bars are doubly appealing,

          Smarties Fudge

          This is a line that you may well be surprised exists, but it most definitely does – and it is most definitely a showstopper! With a range of options, there is more than one way to wow Smarties lovers with their new favourite fudge. The Fudge Factory Smarties Vanilla Fudge pairs a beloved and creamy fudge recipe and simply adds the joy of sugar-coated chocolate beans into the mix. A simple yet effective recipe, these bite-sized chunks are an ideal treat for a weigh-out counter, pick n mix stand or sweet gift boxes. Another fudge expert, The Dorset Sweet Company, have a couple of Smarties-topped fudge blocks that are great for parties, gift boxes and so much more. Available in a creamy fudge, plus a chocolate fudge variation, these are pre-cut into bars and ready to sell to your sweet-toothed shoppers. These Smarties bulk fudges are a great way to add some nostalgia into your store – as well as offering something unique and delicious.

          Bulk Buy Smarties at Hancocks

          A beloved chocolate treat as popular as Smarties is a valuable addition to any confectionery retailer. You’ll find wholesale Smarties chocolate, including the classic tubes, sharing bags and chocolate bars, available to order online here at Hancocks! We’re the best place to bulk buy Smarties so your customers can find the treats they want. Once you’ve picked your stock, choose your delivery method and we will ship your order directly to you! If you have any questions about any of our stock, such as pick n mix, American sweets and so much more, simply contact us and we will be more than happy to help.