Rowntrees sweets are part of Nestle Confectionery today and many of the old familiar brands continue to strive ahead, alongside a number of more contemporary products. Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles are the oldest Rowntree product, launched in 1881 and still going strong. Apparently they now contain 25% fruit juice. Other Rowntrees sweets brands include Jelly Tots, Tooty Frooties and of course the ever confusing Rowntrees Randoms. Hancocks stocks a range of wholesale Rowntrees sweets to compliment a substantial selection of branded confectionery from the leading manufacturers; Cadbury, Nestle, Mars, Ferrero and many more. Big brands can command strong footfall for many businesses and result in volume sales to your customers throughout the year. Everyone has a confectionery favourite to enjoy from time to time. Wholesale Rowntrees sweets are available to buy online from Hancocks in addition to a network of many specialist confectionery cash and carries across the UK. Ordering online can be a flexible choice, allowing for your wholesale confectionery to be delivered direct to your business. However there are times when a walk round the shelves at Hancocks will give you inspiration like nothing else. The choice is always yours. With regard to Rowntrees sweets, just one question remains, should you suck or chew your Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles?

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