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Sour Punch Sweets

One of the first sour candy brands to emerge in America, Sour Punch sweets have come to be adored on both sides of the Atlantic! Shop Sour Punch Straws and Mini Bites in a range of flavours online today.


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          About Sour Punch

          Launching with the instantly popular Sour Punch Straws in 1990, the Sour Punch candy brand was started by the American Licorice Company. Taking their liquorice expertise and adding a fizzy and sour kick, Sour Punch became a household name almost overnight. Having since grown their range, adding new variations and flavours, sweet lovers have fallen in love with their sweet-yet-sour treats and they are as popular as ever. Not only are Sour Punch one of the most beloved sweet snacks in America, they’re also one of the most popular American sweets in the UK, too!  

          Wholesale Sour Punch Sweets

          You may have guessed from the name, but the Sour Punch range is made up of enjoyably sour treats. Taking fruity liquorice and adding a sour sugary coating, people of all ages enjoy them! Here at Hancocks, we provide a selection of Sour Punch lines and flavours in bulk, so you can add a bit of American excitement to your store as easily as you would any other of our stock.  

          Sour Punch Straws

          The product that launched the brand back in 1990, the Sour Punch Straws are still the backbone of their range today. Lengths of quality and fruity liquorice with a sour coating, they pair sweet and sour flavours in a way that everybody enjoys. Here at Hancocks, you’ll find them in either 57 or 128g packs, with a choice of Watermelon, Blue Raspberry and Strawberry flavours offered alongside trays of Rainbow Straws featuring four flavours. 

          Sour Punch Bites

          Offering the exact same combination of sweet and sour liquorice, the Sour Punch Bites are a popular mix for sharing, movie nights or simply a gift from a sweet lover to themselves. We stock them in a few varieties, each offering a mouth-watering blend of flavours. With Rad Reds including strawberry, watermelon, cherry and raspberry Bites, Tropical Blends bringing together peach, mango, pineapple, orange, kiwi and strawberry and Assorted Flavours filled strawberry, green apple and blue raspberry, sweets fans will find it hard to pick their favourite!

          Are Sour Punch Halal?

          Every Sour Punch line stocked here at Hancocks is indeed halal – they are also all vegetarian sweets! From their very first product, the Sour Punch Straws were made to a recipe that was both halal and vegetarian and lactose-free. As always, offering vegetarian and halal sweets means that you are catering for a wider scope of customers. Making it clear that the Sour Punch lines are suitable for these diets means you are not only offering them sweets they can enjoy, but American sweets that they can enjoy! 

           Sour Punch Sweets at Hancocks

          Not only does our selection of wholesale American candy include the most delicious and desirable lines, you’ll also find numerous Hancocks exclusives from our partner brands, too. Despite their popularity all around the world, stocking the most popular American sweets isn’t as simple as just putting them on your shelves. There are food regulations that must be met for imported goods to be legal in the UK. Our in-house team of technical experts screen and verify every product, to ensure that they comply with the required legislation. So, buying Sour Punch sweets wholesale from Hancocks is just as simple as buying bulk pick n mix or chocolate bars!

          You’ll not only find Sour Punch here at Hancocks, but you’ll also find other American sour sweets from Warheads, along with popular chocolate from Hershey’s and Reese’s, plus candy icons like Tootsie Rolls! If you have any questions about any of our American stock, delivery options or anything else at all, simply contact us and our team will gladly help you out.