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American Sour Candy

For intense and bold flavours look no further than our collection of American sour candy. These iconic American sweets will add zesty flavours and tongue-tingling favourites to your range. Give your sour-loving UK customers an intense experience with sour sweets from America.


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          Best Sour American Sweets

          America is known the world over for its incredible and creative candy, so it is no surprise that there are plenty of amazingly sour treats that are adored all over the world! British sweet lovers appreciate the excitement of American candy and also love the tang of sour sweets. When it comes to choosing which sour American sweets to stock, there are some clear favourites from across the pond. That's why our stellar range includes all of the sour American candy that UK sweet fans adore.

          Sour Patch Kids

          Sour Patch Kids are soft and chewy sweets that combine sweet fruitiness with a coating of sour sugar that is adored by so many. The combination of fruity flavours, chewy textures and sour kick means that Sour Patch Kids are an ideal sour sweet for shoppers of all ages.


          A hard candy that is supremely sour, Warheads are an iconic sour sweet brand. If you have customers who are looking for lip-puckering, sour sweets, these will be a hit in-store! In their eye-catching packaging, these are such sour sweets that they're a challenge for some, and an absolute joy for others. Now your sour-loving customers can choose between hard sweets, candy sprays, liquid drops and more, all available in sour fruit flavours from one of our favourite American sour candy brands.

          Sour Punch Sweets

          Adored on both sides of the Atlantic, Sour Punch sweets combine delicious liquorice expertise and add a fizzy sour kick. Available as sour straws and bites, the fruity, zesty flavours won't fail to please those who love sour sweets. What's more, these American sour sweets are vegetarian, halal and lactose-free, making them a great sour choice for a wide variety of customers.


          Rattlerz from Bazooka provide an intense burst of flavour in chewy, jelly sweets. With a fruity flavour and a crispy sugar shell surrounding the tangy, chewy centre, these bold sweets can't help but stand out from the crowd. These popular Bazooka sweets are a smash with younger shoppers and make great pocket money sweets.

          Wholesale American Sour Candy

          As with any of our wholesale sweets and chocolate, all our American sour sweets are available to bulk buy, both from your nearest store and online. We've made sure that you can shop for your wholesale stock however suits you best, so you can make sure that those customers are always happy and coming back for more. From single PMP to sharing bags, you'll find all of the sour candy Americans and Brits adore within our wholesale range.

          If you're looking to add some American sour candy to your sweets range but are still trying to figure out where to start, we're here to help. With over six decades of experience in wholesale confectionery, we can help you stock up on the lines that your customers want. Whether you're looking for sour sweets, American favourites or anything else, you can find it all right here at Hancocks. If you have any questions about any of our stock simply contact our expert team and we will be more than happy to help you out.