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Sweet Bandit

With fun and exciting sweets that are anything but ordinary, Sweet Bandit sweets will capture the imagination of young sweet lovers. Shop their range today and take customers on a delicious adventure!


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          About Sweet Bandit

          Born in America, Sweet Bandit celebrates the pure joy of sweets! Their unconventional candies take sweet fans on a journey they wont forget. Within their range, each and every sweet delight offers a unique way to enjoy the fun of candy! From lollipops to magical bubblegum, the Sweet Bandit range is out of this world! The Sweet Bandit range is the perfect choice for shoppers with an inquisitive mind and a sweet tooth! For confectionery retailers, Sweet Bandit lines are an ideal addition to any range of kids sweets!

          Sweet Bandit Wholesale

          The wholesale Sweet Bandit range is full of funtastic ways for shoppers to satisfy their sweet tooth. Their Ooze Tubes, for example, offer tangy and gooey liquid candy. Available in watermelon, blue raspberry and cherry flavours, these will certainly brighten up your shelves. For those who like to investigate and, occasionally, may play with their favourite treats, the Crawly Crew Sour Candies will hit the spot. Each case pairs sour, fruity chews with a toy magnifying glass to inspect the insect-shaped treats before they're enjoyed! Other options customers will love sinking their teeth into the Mad Science Mini Chews, offering delightfully chewy fruity sweets, whilst the Crunchy Crystals are tubes of sweets that come in three wicked flavour combinations each so good you can't help but chomp them!

          Sweet Bandit's range of out-of-this-world treats doesn't just include thrilling candies, but exciting gum options, too! The first Sweet Bandit gum offers a fruity bubblegum experience in a pair of flavours, the Galaxy Gum Tape is as fun to portion as it is to chew on and blow bubbles with! Offering a unique bubblegum experience, the Sweet Bandit Sour Sneaky Bubbledust will blow shoppers' minds! The sour fruit-flavoured powder turns into gum in your mouth and is sure to be a hit in-store.

          For shops with a high footfall of younger shoppers and schoolchildren, the Sweet Bandit range is certain to catch longing glances and convince customers to part with their beloved pocket money! A perfect addition to any range of sweets, you can find the most popular Sweet Bandit lines in bulk right here at Hancocks. As well as Sweet Bandit and kids' novelty sweets, we're specialists in all areas of confectionery here at Hancocks. From pick n mix sweets to chocolate and so much more, you'll find everything right here! If you need assistance with any of our lines or need more information about any of the services we provide, contact our team and we will be happy to help you out.