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Kit Kat Chocolate

The nations favourite way to take a break, Kit Kat chocolate is a beloved British treat. From the original Kit Kat 4 Finger bars to Kit Kat Chunky and the most popular flavours, find the Kit Kat wholesale lines you need right here.


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          About KitKat

          Created in the UK in 1935, the Kit Kat bar was a favourite in the UK instantly. The trio of wafer layers separated and coated in chocolate were such a hit that they are now loved all over the world! With more variations than ever and dozens of exciting flavours over the years, there is always a Kit Kat for everyone. Here at Hancocks, we are proud to be a one-stop Kit Kat shop for our customers.

          Kit Kat Flavours

          Everyone knows and loves the classic Kit Kat recipe - crisp wafer layers separated by and coated in milky chocolate. Still the most popular flavour, you'll find the milk chocolate Kit Kat in a variety of sizes and formats here at Hancocks. However, there are plenty of other flavours that also excite the tastebuds of Kit Kat fans. Kit Kat dark chocolate is another popular variation that has been with us for a long time, whilst today you will also find Kit Kat peanut butter, caramel and Kit Kat white chocolate bars as there truly is a Kit Kat chocolate bar for every taste.

          Kit Kat Bites

          Offering the same chocolate-coated crunch, share bags of Kit Kat Bites offer a bite-sized treat with enough to go around. Available in the original milk chocolate recipe for those traditional Kit Kat lovers, you can find the Kit Kat Bites Milk Chocolate Sharing Bag 90g and the 80g 1.25 PMP bag to cater for a range of fans. Adding a rich dash of gooey goodness, the Kit Kat Bites Caramel Milk Chocolate Sharing Bag is a perfect option for those seeking a more indulgent Kit Kat treat.

          Kit Kat Chunky

          Taking that beloved KitKat recipe and simply making it bigger, the Kit Kat Chunky has been a favourite in Britain ever since it was introduced in 1999! Whereas the classic wafer is made up of three layers and comes in 2 or 4 fingers at a time, the Chunky bars are, well, a lot chunkier! Featuring 4 bigger layers of wafer rather than 3 and also a thicker chocolate outer layer, the KitKat Chunky is a big snack for big fans of KitKat. Available in a host of flavours alongside the original milk chocolate, the Caramel, Peanut Butter and White Chocolate bars are a great way to get shoppers of all tastes licking their lips in-store. Here at Hancocks, we have wholesale Kit Kat Chunkies in a variety of pack types, such as price-marked singles, multipacks and Duo bars we have something for every store.

          Vegan Kit Kat

          Made using couverture chocolate with a much higher percentage of cocoa butter, the Kit Kat 4 Finger Vegan Chocolate Bar is a forward-thinking, free-from take on the beloved chocolate bar. Offering customers the opportunity to take a plant-based break is more important now than ever and these bulk cases of 4 finger free-from KitKats are, simply put, perfect for vegan chocolate lovers.

          Kit Kat Professional

          The Kit Kat Professional Mix-In is the perfect flourish for any creative dessert or treat. Mini pieces of crispy wafer partially covered in milk chocolate, these will add another dimension to ice cream, cakes, cookies and even hot chocolate! Perfect for any form of caterer, from coffee shops and cafes to ice cream vans and bakeries, the Kit Kat Professional Mix-In is a simple way to elevate a customer's experience.

          Kit Kat Wholesale

          Among the most popular chocolate bars in the UK, KitKat is a staple of any retailer's chocolate offering. Whether your clientele prefers a certain version or a broad selection, you can rest assured that you'll find the lines you need in bulk right here at Hancocks.

          All of our KitKat lines are available in wholesale quantities and you can easily order online and fill your shelves with the chocolate that shoppers are looking for! When it comes to stocking up on Kit Kat, you can shop online, take a break yourself and trust us to get your stock to you. If you have any questions about any of our KitKat lines, or anything else from sweets and other chocolate bars to delivery options, simply contact us and we will gladly help you out.