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Fruittella Sweets

Juicy, chewy, and irresistible, Fruittella has won the hearts of so many sweet lovers. With a wide range of flavours and both Chews and Stix available in bulk, you can easily put a smile on your customers’ faces.


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          Step into the world of Fruittella, the beloved chewy sweets that are bursting with tasty, fruity flavours. Created in 1931 by sweet specialists Van Melle, the Dutch treat took its taste from real fruit juices and, clearly, was a massive hit. Still winning new fans today – and still made with natural flavours and colours – these delightfully chewy sweets are must-haves for retailers of all kinds.

          Fruittella Chews

          Fruittella Chews embody the joy within all sweets. Crafted with delicious fruit juices, these chewy sweets offer a burst of mouth-watering goodness in every bite. A range of vibrant flavours ensures there's something to please every palate. Here at Hancocks, our range includes Blackcurrant, Berries & Cherry, Summer Fruits and Strawberry. So, whoever steps foot into your store, you can offer them something to sink their teeth into.

          Crafted with the finest ingredients, Fruittella Chews are adored for both their quality and taste. Whether it's the classic Stick packs or bulk bags, these chewy sweets consistently deliver a mouthwatering experience. Whether store customers looking for a treat, guests at a party or anyone of any age – there’s a smile to be had with Fruit-tella’s signature chewy treats.

          Fruittella Stix

          Offer a fresh twist on chewy sweets indulgence with Fruittella Stix. These slender sticks come in a similarly captivating variety of fruity flavours, adding a dimension that sticks out in your confectionery selection. Bulk bags are ideal for event planners looking for something fresh, whilst they also add something different to any range of pick n mix sweets.

          Fruittella Stix are not only visually appealing but also offers a burst of fruitiness with every bite. Their unique format and vibrant flavours make sure that they will catch the eye of all shoppers – especially Fruit-Tella fans!

          Wholesale Fruittella Sweets

          At Hancocks, we understand the importance of bulk buying for our customers. Our competitive pricing and extensive range of Fruittella sweets make it easy for retailers, confectionery specialists, and event planners to ensure smiles on faces.

          With Hancocks, you can confidently stock up on Fruittella sweets in bulk quantities and trust us to pick and ship your order whilst you focus on the daily running of your business. Our commitment to delivering the finest confectionery products ensures that your customers will keep coming back for more. If you have any questions about any of our bulk sweets, from Fruittella to wholesale chocolate and everything in between, simply contact us and we will happily share our expertise.