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Fini Sweets

From their fizzy candy belts to pick n mix tubs, bulk bags and juicy liquid-filled bubblegum, Fini’s range of wholesale sweets will add excitement to any shelf. Shop online for the best Fini stock at Hancocks.


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          Wholesale Fini Sweets

          With a reputation for inspiring, quality gummy sweets, Fini is a brand with a history of creating delicious and inspiring sweets that ignite the imagination. Founded in Spain back in 1971, the last half century has seen the brand create awesome sweets that are adored by sweet lovers. With a range that has included everything from chewing gum to jelly sweets, marshmallows and much more, the brand is loved across Europe and has gone from strength to strength, gaining fans all over the world. Here at Hancocks, we have a wonderful range of thrilling Fini stock that younger shoppers, in particular, will adore. Browse our range and fill your shelves today! 

          Fini Pick n Mix Sweets

          At the core of Fini’s product offering is their selection of pick n mix sweets. With both tubs and bags of wholesale sweets to choose from, pick and mix retailers will find exciting stock that their customers are bound to adore.

          Tubs of pick and mix sweets are a convenient way to fit a wide variety of desirable sweets onto your shelves – particularly if you don’t have a pick n mix stand, Fini’s offering includes a variety of flavours that will delight any sweet lover. The Fini Original Strawberry Pencils are a true sweetshop favourite, offering a fruity chewy outer layer with a creamy fondant centre. With Blue Raspberry, Apple and the multi-coloured Tutti Frutti Pencils also available in bulk 1kg tubs, you can entice shoppers of all tastes.

          Not only does Fini offer wholesale pick n mix tubs, but their range also includes bulk bags. With vivid colours and a unique shape, the Fini Pyramids are a vibrant gummy jelly that will brighten up any pick n mix stand. The same can be said for the Fini Delices Fizzy Mallows – with five different colours, these fruity marshmallows have a fizzy sugar coating and are worth a place in anyone’s mix. Whether you display in a display stand or fill your shelves with jars of sweets, these bright Fini lines are perfect. 

          Fini Bubblegum

          Always a company that works hard to give their lines a unique twist, your shoppers will love the excitement of Fini bubblegum. Fini bubblegum is a thrilling and unique experience with a signature liquid candy centre. Their themed designs add character to any range, with something to catch the eye of shoppers of all ages. Some of their tastiest designs include the Fini Burger Gums, Watermelon Fizzy Bubblegum and Cola Bottles, whilst you’ll also find other novelty picks, too. Sports fans will smile at the Tennis Balls Bubblegum, whilst the Missile Xplosion Bubblegum will transport space lovers on a trip out of this world. To really make an impact with shoppers – especially those with a sense of humour – the Fini Camel Balls Bubblegum will certainly turn a few heads! 

          Bulk Buy Fini Sweets

          If your customers are looking for a combination of fun and tasty in their treats, you’ll find worthwhile stock in the Fini range. Not only do they have their selection of pick n mix delights and thrilling bubblegum, but they’ve also lent their confectionery expertise to their Fizzy Strawberry and Fizzy Raspberry Rollers – extra long rolls of fizzy, fruity chewy deliciousness!

          Here at Hancocks, all of our Fini wholesale sweets are available to order online and in bulk – so you can spend time focussing on your store and we’ll either deliver it or pick it for you with our Click & Collect service. If you have any questions about any Fini stock, delivery options, any of our pick n mix sweets, wholesale chocolate or any of our other great lines, simply contact us and we’ll gladly help you out!