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Vegan Chocolate

Nobody should have to go without chocolate, and with a stellar vegan chocolate offering that won’t be the case in your store. There are more mouth-watering options than ever before, range from vegan white chocolate to vegan chocolate boxes, dark chocolate and much more. Add free-from chocolate to your range and offer something for every chocoholic.


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          What Chocolate is Vegan?

          In regular chocolate, dairy products are nearly always part of the recipe. So, to make sure the final product is vegan chocolate, alternatives are used so the final product is totally free-from animal by-products.

          Numerous pioneering brands have long been dedicated to producing delicious free-from chocolate. One of the first chocolate brands to dedicate themselves to making chocolate that everyone can enjoy, NOMO chocolate bars are free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts! Booja-Booja is famed for their award-winning free-from chocolate truffles – with a range of delicious flavours, they’re the go-to vegan chocolate box. With rich dark chocolate bars, finished with decadent toppings, the Dirty Cow range is a treat for anyone, whilst Moo Free’s lusciously creamy vegan chocolate bars beggar belief.

          Nowadays, the traditional big chocolate brands are adding vegan options to their families, too. Here at Hancocks you’ll find Lindt vegan chocolate, KitKat vegan and many more popular names that are adding vegan bars and boxes to their ranges. So, whatever taste, whoever the customer is, you can offer them a mouth-watering vegan chocolate option. 

          Vegan Milk Chocolate

          The most common variation of the popular treat, milk chocolate is everywhere. For the vegan variation, there are plenty of plant-based alternatives such as oat milk that can be used to make delightfully creamy chocolate. Our range is filled with numerous delicious options, ranging from Happi Oat Milk’s bars to the Moo Free Original Choccy Buttons and many more. There are delicious Booja-Booja truffle boxes too and plenty of vegan versions of favourites. Made using couverture chocolate, the Kit Kat 4 Finger Vegan Chocolate Bar is a perfect example of a much-loved bar that has been adapted to allow vegan chocoholics to enjoy – you’ll also find Milky Way Magic Stars Bar which will hit the spot with vegans of all ages. 

          Vegan White Chocolate

          Some shoppers may well be surprised when they see vegan white chocolate, but Moo Free’s White Chocolate recipe is dreamy. Their blend is silky and sweet, tasting just how white chocolate should. It is also dairy-free, gluten-free and doesn’t include any nuts – literally anyone can enjoy it. These Mini Moo bars are perfect treats and will ensure that vegan chocoholics never have to go without their fix. 

          Is Dark Chocolate Vegan?

          There are many kinds of vegan chocolate, and there may be those who know a little about it asking is dark chocolate vegan? Well, the answer is most of the time. Dark chocolate doesn’t usually contain any dairy. It gets its rich flavour from the cocoa butter (which is completely plant-based) and traditional dark chocolate is, definitely, vegan. However, bars may well incorporate inclusions that are not vegan, such as caramel, nougat and flavoured creams.

          The reason that dark chocolate is commonly vegan has to do with the cocoa percentage. When chocolate has a higher cocoa percentage, it means the natural cocoa paste isn’t replaced with milk or cream. This is where dark chocolate gets its rich yet bitter edge.

          Dark chocolate forms the basis of the award-winning Dirty Cow model. Their range of innovative additions, ranging from crushed bourbon biscuits to popcorn, crushed Brazil nuts and many more exciting indulgences. There is a lot of vegan dark chocolate out there that will appeal to shoppers of all diets – it’s just down to you to pick those that they will love the most. 

          Vegan Chocolate Boxes

          Just like anyone else, vegans have a cause to celebrate. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation or any other occasion to have a party, a vegan chocolate box will certainly be a welcome addition. As we’ve already mentioned, the Booja-Booja vegan chocolate truffles are luxurious and suave and add class to any shelf. Their range includes a variety of assortments with each as delicious as the next. From truffles with hazelnut and honeycomb to espresso and champagne, there is a tray that is fit for every customer! 

          Vegan Chocolate Bags

          To go alongside the Moo Free Choccy Buttons, there are also the Moo Free Choccy Chums Surprises which means you can offer vegan shoppers a bag of chocolate to enjoy on the go. With animal designs on squares of delicious vegan chocolate, the Choccy Chums Surprises are perfect for little vegans seeking a treat. 

          Wholesale Vegan Chocolate

          The quality of products in the vegan chocolate market is higher than ever before. We know just how popular chocolate is for businesses and retailers – we also know that the demand for vegan lines is here to stay. That’s why we have built you a range of the most desirable and exciting wholesale vegan chocolate, filled with the latest stock and award-winners. Browse our range and plan your vegan chocolate bulk buy today. Not only that, but our vegan range also includes a sparkling range of vegan sweets, too!

          As with all of our bulk sweets and chocolate, you can enjoy wholesale quantities of the lines you need – with free UK delivery also available. If you have any questions about any of our lines, whether they’re for a specific dietary requirement or not, simply contact us and we will gladly help however we can.