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Trebor Mints

Making iconic treats for over a century, Trebor is adored today for its mint sweets. With the freshness of their Extra Strong Mints and the chewiness of their Softmints, Trebor has a range that is loved by generations. Stock up on beloved Trebor mints today.


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          About Trebor Mints

          Trebor Mints is a brand steeped in British confectionery history. Since its establishment in 1907, Trebor has delighted sweet enthusiasts with a wide range of iconic sweets and hard candies. A shining light of the British confectionery world, Trebor’s commitment to quality and their irresistible range of sweets has led to them being the household name that they are today. Over the years, they’ve made many sweets, but today they are known and loved for their range of irresistible mints

          Trebor Extra Strong Mints

          Trebor Extra Strong Mints are the treat of choice for many minty aficionados. These bold and refreshing mints have become an emblem of British confectionery brilliance. With their powerful peppermint flavour, Trebor Extra Strong Mints provide a burst of freshness that lasts, leaving you feeling invigorated. A British classic that holds appeal across generations, stock up on these classic mint sweets today and satisfy your customers' cravings for a mega mint experience that only Extra Strong Mints can give. 

          Trebor Softmints

          A different take on the minty treat, Trebor Softmints offer plenty for sweet lovers to sink their teeth into. Bursting with a chewy texture and a delicious peppermint flavour, these treats are a hit with people of all ages. Trebor Softmints strike the perfect balance between minty freshness and a soft, chewy texture, making them a must-have in your confectionery selection. Rolls of Trebor Softmints are popular treats with kids and grownups, which is why they’re ideal stock for any store. 

          Wholesale Trebor at Hancocks

          As a confectionery wholesaler, Hancocks of course offers bulk Trebor Mints. Stock up on the must-have Trebor products, including Trebor Extra Strong Mints and Trebor Softmints, to meet the demands of your customers. Whether you’re stocking the shelves or adding them to impulse hotspots like countertops and checkout areas, Trebor is a household name that sweet lovers trust. Shop online and stock up on the minty magic of Trebor Mints today. As with all of our bulk sweets and wholesale chocolate, our Trebor stock is available with UK delivery, meaning you can place your order and focus on other ways to keep your customers smiling as we bring the stock to you! If you have questions about any of our stock, simply contact our team and we will gladly share our expertise with you.