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Toxic Waste Sweets

The go-to brand for extremely sour hard candies, the Toxic Waste range includes everything from the original drum to gummy bears, chew bars and super sour gum. Meet the sour demand with supremely sour sweets from a brand shoppers trust and bulk buy today.


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          What are Toxic Waste Sweets?

          Toxic Waste is an American brand renowned for the extreme sourness of its sweets. Alongside the classic hard candies, they offer a diverse product range that provides unbeatable thrills for lovers of sour sweets. They are perfect for customers who enjoy a unique and intense flavour adventure, making them a standout addition to any range of sweets.

          Toxic Waste Hard Candy

          Toxic Waste began with its signature hard candies in the iconic yellow drums. Each piece delivers a powerful punch of sourness, followed by a deliciously sweet burst. Now available in various ultra-sour flavour variations, these candies are packaged in eye-catching, barrel-style containers that only enhance their appeal. Stocking these ensures that your store stands out with products that are both visually striking and intensely flavourful. Both nostalgic and thrilling, these are a great way to appeal to shoppers of all ages.

          Toxic Waste Chewy Sour Sweets

          Chewy sweets are always popular. For those who prefer a chewy texture, Toxic Waste has chewy sour sweets that are the perfect choice. Offering the same intense sourness but in a chewy form that customers can savour, these are a welcome addition for sour lovers. With Chew Bars, Gummy Bears and Worms, plus Goop Gum, there is something to appeal to every shopper. Available in a variety of flavours and vibrant colours, the Toxic Waste experience can be enjoyed in so many ways.

          Wholesale Toxic Waste Sweets

          As a retailer, stocking Toxic Waste sweets is a surefire way to win with sour-sweet lovers. These products not only draw attention due to their unique sourness and exciting branding but will also have sour lovers coming back to get their fix of tart treats. As the UK’s largest confectionery wholesaler, Hancocks is the best place for a varied and reliable supply of the best Toxic Waste sweets! Offering Toxic Waste Sweets can transform your store into a destination for those seeking the ultimate sour candy challenge, setting you apart from competitors and giving shoppers what they want.