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All About BUBS Delicious Vegan Pick n Mix

BUBS Vegan Range - put a smile on everybody's face

Known for producing delicious pick n mix, Swedish sweet makers BUBS have been earning high praise from sweet lovers for decades now. Their jelly and foam treats will put a smile on the face of anyone with a sweet tooth – but there’s a lot more to BUBS than just their delicious sweets.

Founded in 1992, the family-run business was founded by Bernt, Ulrik, Birgitta and Stefan, with each of them lending an initial to the name BUBS! Since then, their company has become a beloved brand across not only their native Sweden but among sweet lovers everywhere. It is part of their mission to create delicious sweets that can be enjoyed by everybody. This is why, you may already have noticed, all of the BUBS lines you’ll find here at Hancocks are vegan sweets!

With sour fruity flavours and adorable designs, the BUBS Sour Octopus is one of the most popular treats in their range!

Their sweets aren’t just made with free-from ingredients, but they are made in a factory that is doing its part to be less harmful to the environment. BUBS have invested in their factory to reduce their emissions during production by around 1,500 tonnes per year. All of their sweets are made using reusable cornstarch moulds, too. This means that each sweet is made with low-impact moulds that can be reused time and again.

Throughout the BUBS range, you’ll find both foam and gummy sweets that appeal to all different tastes. Dual flavours and two-colour designs are signatures of the BUBS range, which means that they are both mouth-watering and eye-catching. Standout designs include octopus and skull shapes, whilst the BUBS-stamped ovals and rhombi are instantly recognisable. Their lip-smacking flavours include Raspberry & BlueberrySour Raspberry & Lemon Foam Skulls and Banana & Caramel.

The Sour Raspberry & Lemon Foam Skulls taste as amazing as they look - a signature of the BUBS range!

These quirky vegan sweets certainly bring a wow factor to any pick n mix offering. With a broad range of flavour combinations and joyful shapes, the BUBS range is sure to be a popular addition to any shelf. Obviously, they’re ideal for Veganuary, but once your customers have tried them, they’ll want them all year round!

Here at Hancocks, you’ll find all of the BUBS sweets you need with their delicious and eye-catching treats. We have decades of experience in the world of wholesale confectionery and understand the importance of offering your customers top-quality products. Whether you shop online or in a cash and carry, Hancocks are the best place to bulk buy sweets. Our huge range includes the biggest brands and most popular lines, so you can rest assured that you’ll find the wholesale sweets you need!

Bearing the BUBS name across their two tone design, the Banana & Caramel flavour mix is one that will have shoppers coming back for more!

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