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Drive Your Chocolate Bar Sales

Drive Your Chocolate Bar Sales

Drive Your Chocolate Bar Sales

Across independent and symbol stores in the UK, on-the-go missions are growing, placing more importance on the range of chocolate singles. It is a key area in store and placing an extra focus on your range can help you better serve customers and boost your sales. Given that singles make up more than a third of confectionery sold in independent and symbol stores, perfecting your display and getting the range and split right can make a real difference. Unsurprisingly chocolate makes up the majority of singles sales. Adult chocolate singles accounted for 56% of sales, whilst chocolate aimed at kids made up a further 11%.

Have the right proportions of different lines to capture the attention of shoppers.

The singles category is most commonly bought impulsively, with 23% of shoppers in symbol and independent stores buying something on impulse – 17% of which is confectionery. When it comes to nudging shoppers to make an impulsive decision in store, visibility is the reason for 56% of shoppers, whilst 28% are swayed by either price-marked packs or promotions.

Group stock so it is easy for shoppers to find their favourites.

There are some simple and easy ways that you can adjust your offering to make the most of it and help shoppers to find their favourites. Grouping pack types together is a tried and tested method of increasing sales as it helps shoppers to locate bars and bags, such as Maltesers, easily. The same goes for brands as colours and packaging designs are key aspects in helping shoppers to pick out their favourite brands. To further strengthen your best performing lines you can put them into your best locations and double face them too. This will help to both catch the attention of shoppers and maximise the most popular lines.

When it comes to designing your range, the lines you include are important, too. It may seem like an obvious point, but filling your shelves with bestselling stock is the simplest way to grow and sustain your sales of chocolate singles. As with all things chocolate, Cadbury dominates the list of the 10 most popular chocolate bars. From their wide range of luscious bars StarbarTwirlWispaCrunchie and Orange Twirl bars all make the cut. The title of most popular singles bar in independent and symbol store goes to Kinder Bueno, with the Kinder Bueno White and Snickers making up the rest of the podium. Of course, Mars bars are still among the most desirable stock along with the coconutty Bounty bar. Working these lines into your offering, you can be confident that they are stock that shoppers turn to time and again.

The lines you stock are the most important aspect of your chocolate singles range, so fill it with bestsellers and exciting new lines!

Whilst adding a selection of the most popular lines to your shelves will ensure that shoppers can find their favourites, but adding exciting and limited edition variations of their favourites is a guaranteed way to garner excitement. Take the Cadbury Orange Twirl, for example! Initially a limited edition line, the bar was so beloved that shoppers signed up for early access to the re-release before the line was made a permanent member of the Cadbury family! And now, taking the iconic Twirl bar and combining it with another much-adored flavour combination, the Cadbury Mint Twirl is sure to pique the interest of chocolate afficionados of all ages. The limited edition bar is all set to be the next Cadbury chocolate craze!

As always, knowing the customer makes them infinitely easier to serve.

You’ll experience a wide range of shoppers in every store on a daily basis, so knowing more about singles shoppers means that you’ll be able to better serve them. For instance, 16% of all singles are bought on a food-to-go mission, so complimenting your food-to-go offering with bestsellers will help to sell units. Research also shows that younger shoppers tend to buy more singles – and spend more at a time. We’ve long known that brands play a prominent role in shoppers’ buying habits and it is no different with singles purchasing. Across convenience stores there is also growing success for promotional purchasing, so make sure to highlight any offers in store and don’t forget the pull of price-marked packs.

As with all of your wholesale confectionery stock, you can find the chocolate bars you need to build an irresistible range. From the biggest brands such as Cadbury, Mars and Kinder chocolate among many others, our range helps you provide choices for every customer. Browse our extensive range of chocolate, wholesale sweets and drinks today and buy in bulk online. If you have any questions, simply contact us and our helpful team will find the answers you need.

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