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Grow Your Chocolate Bar Sales

Grow Your Chocolate Bar Sales

A keen hand, excitedly holding a chocolate bar - key lines for any confectionery retailer!

For any retailer of confectionery, chocolate bars are a key line that is popular with shoppers of all ages. With On the Go Missions are on the rise in convenience stores, there is no better time to re-focus your assortment of chocolate singles and really drive your sales.

In both symbol and independent stores, sales of singles account for more than a third of confectionery sales – with chocolate singles by far the most popular. In independent and convenience stores 23% of all customers will buy something on impulse. So, solidifying your range and getting the most out of it is an effective way to boost sales.

Chocolate singles are hugely popular singles lines, as the figures suggest!

A large number of chocolate bar sales are led by impulse – and 17% of all impulse buys are confectionery. Visibility is also a big factor, as it is the driving factor for 56% of impulse shoppers. So, following some simple principles when arranging the lines on your shelves will help you to maximise impulse sales. A neat and organised display makes it easier for shoppers to find what it is they feel for and grouping packs together helps them do this. For example, don’t mix your chocolate bars and bags – try to keep your shelves coordinated. The same goes for brands, too. Manufacturers often use similar colours for the different bars in their ranges and these help shoppers to pick out their favourites from your shelves. Finally, support your bestsellers by placing them in prime locations and double facing them, too. Having more of them on the shelves guarantees that they are more noticeable and encourages more impulse purchases.

The top 10 performing chocolate singles!

The specific lines you stock can also be a driving factor for customers, so building a range of bestsellers and new lines will be beneficial. Of the top ten bestsellers in independent and symbol stores, Cadbury dominates. The Cadbury Twirl and Orange Twirl, Wispa and Wispa Gold, Crunchie and the Starbar all hugely popular. Top spot is occupied by the Kinder Bueno, which is closely followed by the white chocolate version. Elsewhere in the top 10, you’ll also find evergreen Nestle favourites Snickers and Mars bars. Stocking and prioritising these lines will make your offering of singles more appealing to shoppers, which means they are more likely to be tempted into a purchase.

Brands are the most important factor in singles purchasing so you can expect the bestsellers to be very popular. Avoid disappointing customers and missing out on sales by ensuring that you are aware of your own bestsellers and have enough wholesale chocolate on hand. Recent research from Lumina has also shown that younger shoppers are buying more chocolate and have a higher basket spend on average. Mixing some of the latest products with big sellers will mean that you can offer a range that appeals across the board.

In the sales of chocolate singles, on-the-go sections are important. Often bought as a supplement to other meals, 16% of all singles are bought on a food-to-go mission. Situating your singles lines near your on-the-go missions or in-store coffee will bring your lines to their attention. Shoppers are being increasingly swayed by promotions in convenience store, with 28% of impulse buys brought about by promotional marketing. Clearly signposting your stock and any offers, as well as working price-marked lines into your shelves, is a simple change in store that can help convert more sales of your singles range.

Facts and tips for how to maximise your sales to single bar shoppers!

You will already be aware of the importance of chocolate singles in your store. They always hold appeal to customers, which is why priming your selection to maximise sales and capitalise on shoppers’ impulsivity is a good thing for any business. Not every store is the same, so you may not be able to make all of these changes, but there are benefits to any that you can. With the most popular lines and the biggest brands, you’ll be able to find the bulk chocolate to tempt your customers right here at Hancocks.

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