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Grow Your Sales With Duo Chocolate Bars

Grow Your Sales With Duo Chocolate Bars

A selection of top-selling duo bars, including Twix, Yorkie and Cadbury Wispa bars.

As a retailer of sweets and chocolate, you’re always on the lookout for ways to tweak and improve the performance of your stock. You’ll already know the popularity of chocolate bars in store – and Duo bars are a great way to capitalise on them further.

The bonus bars are a great way to bring in additional revenue and add to your sales of singles bars. When implementing your range of Duos, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind when looking for the best results. Firstly, you want to offer the most appealing range of Duos bars and then display them clearly. Linking the double bars with drinks or a meal deal will help to entice shoppers and increase your sales, too.

Cadbury Wispa Gold is a new and exciting addition to the range of duo bars available!

Choosing your range of Duos bars is possibly the most important part of gaining those incremental sales. It’s always a good idea to include a swathe of the bestsellers, whilst new flavours and variations are always exciting options like the Wispa Gold Duo, too. The brands on offer play a big role in driving sales too evidenced by multiple Cadbury and Mars lines among the ten most-popular bars. Snickers and Mars Duos take the top two spots, with Twix Xtra the third most desirable. Wispa Duo is the most popular Cadbury chocolate bar on this list. It is joined by the Boost and Double Decker Other popular bars include Bounty, Twix White Xtra and Nestle’s limited-edition Yorkie Orange. Reese’s Trio Peanut Butter Cups may not be a bar as such, but the set of bigger peanut butter treats is still a hit.

Making the most of in-store visibility will go a long way to increasing your sales, too. The packs with a bonus bar are an appealing prospect for chocoholic customers, so making sure shoppers notice them is paramount to building to sales! Whether they’re on a secondary display or on shelves, shoppers are more likely to make an impulse purchase when a line stands out. Grouping brands is an effective way of creating an appealing display, whilst it will also help customers find what they’re looking for. This applies if you offer them as part of a deal, too. They’re a great addition to meal deals and offers, as Duos shoppers drive both On the Go and Food to Go missions in-store. Shoppers will see the bigger bars as a great option that may be the incentive they need to purchase the deal.

Given how popular it is in any form, making the most of the chocolate you offer in-store is an effective way to get more money through the till. Choosing a strong selection of Duos and displaying and signposting them well is an easy way to supplement your chocolate bar sales. Here at Hancocks, you’ll not only find all of the Duos and chocolate you need for your business, but sweets and treats of all other kinds, too! Whether you get your wholesale sweets from a Hancocks cash and carry or shop online, you’ll find everything from pick n mix and American sweets to crisps – all available in bulk at great trade prices!

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