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Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Store

Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Store

An array of bats, pumpkins and ghosts - all perfect Halloween decorations!

For every confectionery retailer, Halloween poses a brilliant opportunity to generate excitement in shoppers and increase your sales. Obviously, tailoring your range to include seasonal lines is an effective way of doing this, but in-store decoration can also help a lot. If simply walking into your store puts customers in the Halloween spirit, then they’re more likely to pick up some sweets for spooky season.

Everyone’s familiar with the themes and characters that are associated with Halloween. From witches and ghouls to skeletons and zombies, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to decorating your store. Plus, just like your Christmas decorations, any eerie touches you add will be just as suitable in the future as they are now! There are so many easy and effective ways to sprinkle reminders of the season all across your store – here are some fun ways to liven up your store this Halloween.

There are many approaches that you can take, whether you create a dedicated display, have a Halloween section in store or spread the additions across the store. As with other holidays, there are easy ways to decorate with themed balloons and banners, but being so notable, Halloween offers plenty of other avenues to get creative. Combining simple touches with a few statement decorations will get tongues wagging as shoppers get excited for Halloween!

Catch the Eye With Your Display

A Halloween display, using a pumpkin, is a window.

We all know the beauty of a great window display – it catches the eye of customers before they’ve even set foot in your store! If you’re planning a scary scene, this is the place to do it. There’s so much to take inspiration from that you can really let your creative side out.

Famous faces are always going to make people take note, so work some recognisable Halloween stars into your design. A mannequin is really useful here – they make it easy to replicate a scary celebrity! Whether you use bandages to turn it into a mummy, a hat and cloak to make a spooky witch or whatever you fancy! Take inspiration from popular films and throw some star quality in there to really catch the eye – think Halloween classics like E.T., Dracula, Frankenstein and Edward Scissorhands.

Add Spooky Surprises Around the Store

A trolley surrounded by spooky decoration ideas

Throughout any store, there are ample opportunities to add little touches that, when combined, will have a massive effect. Think cobwebs in the rafters, pumpkins atop shelving, skeletons around the store and so on. A few simple touches like this will add to overall effect!

You can easily make your own cobwebs from cotton wool and hairspray – simply pull the cotton wool apart and give it a little spray to stop it closing back up. If you have a hot glue gun that’s another effective way to make them, too. Put these in places where shoppers will see them but they won’t be in the way. Hang them from the ceilings, on aisle markers or the tops of any other shop fittings. Obviously, where there are cobwebs, spiders are never far away either, so adding these too is a must – they’re a package deal!

Skeletons are a fun addition to any store, and you can get really creative with them! They can climb up the side of shelving units (with the help of a few bolts or cable ties), or with a stand they can greet customers at the door, man empty tills or just keep an eye on everything and everyone. The same goes for any other Halloween figure. You could have a witch watching the empty baskets, or even trap zombie hands in doors or behind shelves.

Adding something above the shelving and products of a store can really help to add depth to the atmosphere in store. With some cables, adding groups of bats to the ceiling can be a really effective decoration. They might make a few people jump if they’re too low, but what’s Halloween without a jump or two, right?

If these aren’t possible in your store there are some really easy ways to spread the spirit, too. You can simply place a few Halloween icons around your store – like broom sticks and pumpkins. As with Christmas, you can get into the spirit with what you wear, too. In the same way that you’d wear Santa hats and festive jumpers, you can introduce a witches hat, skeleton jumpers or whatever works best for your team.

Make the Most of Your Stock

The frightfully tasty Bonds Scary Pumpkins. The perfect Halloween treat!

With brands bringing out seasonal chocolates and sweets each year, you can use them to make mouth-watering displays at Halloween. From novelty lines and chocolate to pick n mix, you’ll find a delicious range of bulk sweets that are ideal for spooky season.

With a colourful selection of Halloween pick n mix that’s clearly signposted, your sweets can become an advert for themselves. Our seasonal pick n mix includes so many spine-tingling treats that will look spooktacular! The Kingsway Mega Value Gummy Pumpkins scream Halloween, Jelly Eyeballs will surely catch the eye whilst Dracula Teeth are a favourite everyone loves to sink their teeth into. Add a few frightening flourishes to proceedings and you’ll have sweet lovers under your spell!

Customers thinking about hosting a scary shindig or preparing for the trick or treaters are going to be looking for some sweet supplies. For these shoppers, a section of Halloween essentials will go down a treat. Fill your shelves with chocolate multipacks, big packs of sweets and other essentials that offer both quantity and variety. The Swizzels Party Mix Sweet Tubs and Nestle Chocolate Bar Selection Pack are great examples of something that customers will love, whilst they will stand out on shelves, too! Again, once your shelves are full, add some decorations around them and you’re all set.

By adding Halloween-themed impulse lines to your store, you can spread the spooky spirit whilst tempting shoppers to treat themselves. Offering an easy portion of Halloween pick n mix, the Bonds Scary Pumpkins Shaker Cup is a smashing addition to any store. Full of colourful, fruity jelly treats, these are hard to resist. For variety, the Bonds Monster Mash Bags will only add more appeal to your sweet range. With their bright bags sporting adorable characters, these will catch the eye of younger shoppers, for sure.


Obviously, you don’t have to put all of these ideas into action to see the benefits. Just a few touches throughout your store can be enough to remind customers that Halloween is around the corner and get them into the spirit. Here at Hancocks, you’ll find the wholesale sweets you need to get ready for a successful spell! A stand-out in the calendar of any sweetshop, Halloween is an exciting holiday that you want to make the most of. So it pays to be prepared for the occasion and not let it creep up on you! Don't forget to check our delivery options to make sure you get your stock on time and if you have any questions about any of our stock, contact our team and we’ll happily help you out.

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