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Kingsway: Pick n Mix Royalty

Kingsway: Pick n Mix Royalty

Kingsway: Pick n Mix Royalty

Pick and mix sweets are a stalwart of the British confectionery landscape. Adored by generation after generation, the draw of choosing your very own blend of favourites is simply unrivalled. The power of pick n mix can fill customers of any age with youthful joy, meaning that everyone who enters your store can experience the famed kid in a sweetshop sensation.

Whilst there are numerous factors that can influence the magic of the sweetshop experience, the most powerful is definitely the selection of sweets that are on offer. Whether your range shines a light on retro sweets or is bustling with the latest lines, there is no denying that shoppers just love jelly and chewy sweets. Pick n mix experts with a finger on the pulse, you know the Kingsway range is full of all kinds of favourites that sweet lovers see and simply cannot wait to sink their teeth into. Offering great quality sweets at better value, there is something that piques the interest of every shopper that also offers retailers more handsome margins on the most desirable lines.

Delicious Kingsway Friendship Rings

Popular sweets never go out of style – and that’s why you’ll have them in your offering more often than not. No matter the situation, sweet lovers always appreciate fruity flavours. That’s why lines such as the Kingsway Giant Strawberries and Kingsway Twin Cherries are a hit with people of all ages. These fruity lines with fruity designs are delicious stock made with a quality that shoppers will appreciate. Pick n mixers have also come to expect fruity favourites in a whole variety of shapes and designs. Again, Kingsway offers quality options that provide you with value and your customers with sweets that they can trust. With beloved pick n mix icons like Friendship Rings and Teddy Bears, Kingsway has you covered.

Cola bottles are an all-time classic sweet, and shoppers will expect to see them in any pick and mix selection. As you’d expect, the Kingsway offering provides the flavour and texture that keeps sweets fans wanting more, and great value that gives Hancocks customers more for less! The Kingsway Cola Bottles give shoppers the quintessential cola bottle experience – but their range includes even more options. There are fizzy and cherry versions of the iconic cola-flavoured treat, as well as the Mega Value Fizzy Cola Bottles, which also come in a cherry variation! Like the rest of the Kingsway Mega Value range, these offer incredible bang for your buck and your customers will love them just as much

A cool and refreshing classic, the Kingsway Cola Bottles offer deliciousness at great returns.

The beauty of gummy sweets is that they’re not only versatile in the flavours that they take, but you often find sweets that combine them with another texture. Some of these, in fact, are pivotal for many in the quintessential pick and mix experience. You just can’t have a classic pick and mix selection without Fried Eggs, can you? With a fruity flavour and a delicious jelly yolk sat atop a foam yolk, this is a Kingsway pick n mix essential! Another treat that is both fruity and gummy, the Kingsway Yellow Belly Snakes and Gummy Pythons are key to achieving that tuck shop feeling that takes everyone back to their childhood. Both options are also halal, helping you to cater to a wider audience.

Whatever your business, whether it’s re-packing bespoke pick n mixes or a sweet stall in the leisure sector, you know what you are getting from Kingsway sweets. With more than 60 years of providing the UK with their favourite pick and mix sweets, they’re trusted by retailers and sweets specialists not just in the UK, but internationally, too. Kingsway’s expertise means that they know the importance of gummy sweets in the UK market, which is why their range is so broad, filled with bestsellers and also offers you great value. From retro favourites to cutting-edge innovations like Tongue Painters and many more, there is a Kingsway line for everyone. Throughout their range, there is something to appeal to each and every shopper when they come to pick a mix!

Kingsway Giant Strawberries are fruity, moreish and a great addition for any pick n mix retailer.

Here at Hancocks, we’re extremely proud of our Kingsway brand – it’s a sparkling gem in our pick n ix crown! The brand has been with us throughout the decades and has played a huge part in our history, helping us to become the UK’s largest and most trusted confectionery retailer. Throughout our site and all our cash and carries, you’ll find a whole host of wholesale Kingsway lines that are fit for any occasion, of course, these include countless best sellers for our customers and plenty of Hancocks exclusives, too. To make the most of the Kingsway range, there’s no better place than right here. Not only does Kingsway have a totally mouth-watering range, but you’ll find endless lines included in our Ultimate Multibuy Offer – which provides the lines your customers adore with margins you’ll love. As with all of our lines here at Hancocks, you can shop for Kingsway pick n mix however suits you best. We have a free Click & Collect service, whilst our delivery options mean that you can save yourself a trip to a cash and carry and focus on serving your happy customers. If you have any queries regarding any of our wholesale sweets, offers or services, simply contact us and we will gladly help however we can.

Delicious, gummy and chewy Fried Eggs!

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