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Kit your store out with Back to School Sweets

A selection of back to school sweets

Most of us look forward to the summer time because of the beautiful weather and the chance to have some well-earned rest.

But not many good things last forever, and before you know it the summer holidays are over and it’s back to normality!

For any of your customers with children, this is when thoughts will start turning to the annual back to school preparation period. From a retail perspective, this presents the chance to provide customers with some handy products for their kids which will come in handy during the school year.

But while notebooks, stationery and school uniforms may be a priority, school lunches are something that should not be overlooked. With kids potentially not thrilled about this prospect of lessons once again, giving your customers the chance to provide delicious back to school sweets is a great idea.

In the latest Hancocks blog, we pick out some exciting additions to your range that can help you win customers and bring smiles to faces.


Swizzels rainbow drops sweets

First off, let’s start with our specialty. As dedicated and experienced confectionery wholesalers, at Hancocks we know what’s what on the sweet front. And we know which sweets are likely to appeal to children as they make their way back through the school gates.

Sweets are obviously not going to be (or shouldn’t be!) the main part of your customers’ school lunch. But sweets can be a nice treat at the end of their meal. Items such as Swizzels Double DipRainbow Drops, and Refreshers Original Lemon Chew Bars are all good options here.

With the added fun of changing the colour of your tongue, the Kingsway Tongue Painters are a gummy vegan sweet that has fans excited just at the sight fo them.

Your customers may also like to go down the pick n’ mix route, and we have plenty to offer. Our top 50 pick n’ mix collection has a host of super choices, including Love Heart Mini RollsHaribo Gold Bears and fun Kingsway Tongue Painters.

We also have a number of lollies and lollipops that we think your customers’ kids will love. You can stock up on Fruity Pops, boxes of Peppa Pig Marshmallow Pops and Vimto Original lollies, as well as many more fantastic options. These are perfect for chucking into a lunch box as a treat.

And we have a number of traditional sweets to stock up on too. Rhubarb and Custard, Heart Throbs and Jelly Babies are sure to be a hit!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Little Bars

It would be wrong not to highlight some of the brilliant wholesale chocolate options we have available at Hancocks too. Our multipacks are perfect items to stock up on ahead of the start of the school year, with our Nestle Variety Packs always a popular choice with parents.

We also have a great selection of multipacks with all your favourite chocolate varieties, including Cadbury Curly Wurly, TwirlsMilkybar and many, many more.


Mini Oreo tubs

Other lunch box fillers from Hancocks include our quality range of snacks and crisps.

A mini tub of pringles original

We have mini tubs of PringlesKinder Delice Cake Bars, Oreo Snack Packs and Nutella & Go Packs available to purchase, so be sure to put together a special range today.

And if your customers are keen bakers and want to conjure up something delicious for their kids to enjoy at lunch time, take a look at our baking section. This contains a variety of cake toppings and other decorative items, and are well worth adding to your store.


If you are a retailer on the hunt for back to school treats, look no further.

Hancocks’ range contains a superb selection of choices to provide you with the variety needed to meet your customers’ needs.

To start stocking up on wholesale confectionery from our range, simply create an account or sign in if you are already a Hancocks customer.

Take a look too at our delivery options, and if you have any questions, give the Hancocks team a shout.

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