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Our Top Chocolate Treats for Easter

Easter Chocolate

Easter is a massive time for all confectionery retailers. There’s an unmatched demand for chocolate of all kinds. Stocking your shelves with great choices when chocolate is on the mind is no bad idea, supplying shoppers with the easter chocolate their hearts desire and increasing sales.

Getting prepared early gives you a better chance of capitalising on the demand – who doesn’t deserve a cheeky bit of chocolate for getting their Easter shopping done?! From special edition bars to seasonal classics, there are endless options that are perfect for supplementing your selection of Easter eggs. Here are some of our wholesale chocolate picks to get customers excited!



Cadbury Creme Egg

In the run-up to Easter, it’s best to start adding any extra bits of chocolate to your shelves well in advance. That way you’ll be ready for those customers getting prepared early, whilst you’ll also be ahead when the rush does come around. It will also provide a timely reminder for shoppers that Easter is on the way!

Chocolate singles sell well all year round and adding some seasonal variations into your stock can help to boost sales further. There are a number of products that tick this box, but where better to start than with a Cadbury Creme Egg? The fondant-filled chocolate egg is a hit year after year, as shoppers make the most of getting them while they can. Only available from January until Easter, there will be maximum demand for Creme Eggs as their run comes to an end for another year.

Another staple of Easter is the Lindt Milk Chocolate Gold Bunny. The Swiss chocolate bunny is a classic symbol of Easter, while these delicious foiled chocolates are bound to go down a treat with your customers. Alternatively, Reese’s Peanut Butter Bunnies provide a nutty option that will have fans of peanut butter hopping with joy!



Cadbury Mini Eggs Tub

At Easter, chocolate eggs take over. With so many mini and filled options, it is easy to put together a selection that will have your customers licking their lips! From Easter egg hunt kits to eggs with delicious centres, there are plenty of options that will enhance any Easter offering.

When it comes to a selection of mini eggs, you’ll find options from the most popular brands here at Hancocks. The Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Tub is sure to be a hit. A great option for gifting and sharing alike, the hugely popular candy-coated chocolate eggs are an Easter classic. We have Dairy Milk Small Easter Egg Hunt Cartons which are perfect for young families, whilst the Dairy Milk Daim Chocolate Easter Egg Bag is sure to pique the interest of shoppers, too.

The Lindor Filled Egg is a luxurious option that fans of Lindt chocolate will struggle to resist – the same goes for their Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate Mini eggs! Their soft, creamy filling is as luxurious as any of Lindt’s lush chocolates.

Of all the flavoured chocolate, orange is proving popular in recent times. Terry’s are masters of this flavour, so their Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs are a solid choice. The Smarties Orange Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs offer something a little different, with milk chocolate in a crisp orange flavour shell.


KitKat Bunny Easter Figure Sharing Bags

Families often get together at Easter and having some delicious chocolate to share can make the good times even sweeter. Here at Hancocks, we have baskets full of great sharing options that customers will love this Easter, from wholesale sharing bags to cartons and chocolate bars.

There are great options from the biggest brands, with classics and seasonal specials that shoppers will adore. For fans of white chocolate, it’s hard to compete with the Milkybar Mini Eggs. They’re just as creamy as the bars we all know and love, but they’re egg-shaped and in a bag for sharing. There are other chocolate share bags that turn a beloved bar into sharable treats, such as the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Minis and Kit Kat Bunny Easter Figure Sharing Bags.

Cartons of Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon with Oreo are an indulgent sharing option, whilst bags of Cadbury Assortment Minis Mix will provide chocoholics with delicious variety. Mini Eggs are always a popular pick at Easter, and the Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Bar is yet another way to get your fill of the delicious little eggs!


Smarties Milk Chocolate House

Chocolate boxes are always popular seasonal items. Perfect presents but also a great Easter treat for families, favourite chocolate boxes like Maltesers Gift Boxes, Milk Tray Selection Boxes, and Cadbury Roses Chocolate Cartons are well worth considering.

There are also delicious seasonal options, with Reese’s Easter Selection Box providing a wonderful selection of popular peanut buttery treats! For kids in particular, the Smarties Milk Chocolate House is an appealing proposition. Containing a range of Smarties and chocolate eggs inside, it’s a brilliant Easter gift for any young chocolate fan. Bonds’ Hoppy Easter Gummy Bunnies & Chocolate Eggs Pun Boxes combine both chocolate and sweets, in an adorable gift box that will stand out on shelf.


As confectionery wholesalers, we’re aware of how important it is to be prepared for the biggest seasonal events. Whilst Easter Eggs take centre stage this time of year, supplementing them with an array of other wonderful chocolate lines helps to deliver a more successful Easter period.

From Easter pick n mix to teasing impulse and novelty options, you’ll be able to find everything your store needs this Easter right here at Hancocks. If you have any questions, just get in touch with our team and they will help you out.

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