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The Genius History of Nerds

The Genius History of Nerds

The Genius of Nerds

Everyone has heard of Willy Wonka – and every sweet lover has been fascinated by the wondrous inventions that came from that chocolate factory! Both the 1964 book and 1971 film adaptation made waves and became ingrained in pop culture and there have been numerous attempts to bring the delicious magic of The Chocolate Factory to life through inventive takes on contemporary confectionery. However, none of the real-life interpretations have really hit the spot or lasted on the market for a long period. Except one, that is.

Despite the name of the book and movies, the sweet treat that best encapsulated the wonder and playfulness of the Wonka Chocolate Factory is Nerds – and as we all know they’re not chocolate. However, with their bright colours, punchy flavour pairings and the iconic Nerds jumping all over the packaging, these have truly captured the minds and hearts of sweet lovers. There have been numerous attempts to capitalise on the cache that the Wonka brand possesses, but Nerds have been the only continuous line since they first appeared in American sweet shops in 1983. The mini treats known for their sugary crunch and vibrant flavour pairings have been a favourite with sweet lovers of all ages over the decades. Plus, their packaging with the energetic Nerds characters and bright colours mean that they really embody the spirit of the zany confectionery maverick that inspired them.

Over the years there have been some exceptionally creative members of the Nerds family – but you can still buy the first ever product today. Pairing two popular flavours with the iconic pink and purple colouring, Nerds Grape & Strawberry have truly stood the test of time and are adored by generations of sweet lovers. Expressions of Wonka’s signature creativity, Dweebs were a popular cousin of Nerds that offered a slightly bigger and softer treat. Most extraordinary of all, the 1980s saw the short-lived Nerds Cereal. Just like our favourite nuggets of crunchy candy, the cereal came with two separate flavours in each box. The contents were described as tiny tangy crunchy sweetened cereal but was only made for a single year. Cue sad faces all around!

A spread of colourful, delcious Nerds candy flavours.

At the core of the current range you’ll find the same iconic Nerds that have elevated the brand to such a revered position over the years. Alongside the classic Grape & Strawberry flavour combination, you’ll also find Watermelon & Cherry flavoured Nerds that UK sweets fans adore. Both of these flavours utilised Nerds’ signature box that gives both delicious flavours in each combination its own compartment. Some people will eat them one at a time, some will mix them and others will save their favourite flavour for last – whatever the method, this box means you can enjoy Nerds however you like! Popular with those who want all of the flavours, Nerds Rainbow boxes offer a mix of all of the flavours. Filled with strawberry, grape, orange lemonade and watermelon Nerds, this fruity medley is truly exciting for fans of American candy.

Whilst they’re one of the most popular American candy exports, Nerds have been loved in the UK for many years and have even had their own unique variations at times. The colourful boxes of moreish, tangy crunchy treats have been loved by generations of sweet lovers on these shores. Whether you already stock them or want to add them to your range, you’ll find the most popular flavours of Nerds right here as at Hancocks, we’re a trusted American sweets wholesaler. Imported directly from the United States, all of the Nerds lines you’ll find here at Hancocks are not only the same ones you’d find in American candy stores, but they’re ratified by our in-house team of experts to ensure that they comply with regulations in the UK. This means that not only can you buy genuine American candy in bulk here in the UK, but you can rest assured that what you’re selling to your happy customers is entirely legal! So, for all of your Nerds candy needs, you can trust Hancocks. The same goes for any other American chocolatecandy or snacks, too.

A sample of the wide range of American producst available at Hancocks.

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