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Cadbury Dairy Milk

Loved by people of all ages, Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is one of the most popular chocolate bars in production! Stock up on all forms of the classic milk chocolate bar, as well as plenty of other flavour variations when you buy Dairy Milk wholesale. Browse our vast range of Dairy Milk, bulk buy and give shoppers what they crave today!


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          The iconic Dairy Milk is without doubt a chocolate hero and is the most famous of Cadbury chocolate bars. Made from cocoa that is 100% sustainably sourced, the milk chocolate bar is the favourite of many British chocoholics. The creamy milk chocolate has been with us since 1905 when George Cadbury Jnr targeted a milk chocolate bar that was milkier than any competitors on the market. After its launch, the bar became an instant hit with chocolate lovers, initially sold in solid blocks to be broken down and enjoyed as penny bars. A range of names were considered initially, until a customer’s daughter suggested ‘Dairy Milk’. From then on the rest, as they say, is chocolate history.



          DAIRY MILK

          Made with fresh British milk, responsibly sourced cocoa and the chocolate know-how that comes with every Cadbury product, Dairy Milk bars are something that shoppers will always appreciate. As you’d expect, there are numerous variations and flavours available, but the original is still, for many, the best. Here at Hancocks, we understand the importance of happy customers and stocking products to suit them in every situation. Within our range you’ll find a wide range of chocolate, among which there is obviously plenty of Cadbury Dairy Milk lines. From 18g bars that are a perfect on-the-go treat to 110g bars that are ideal for sharing and an array of multipacks, price-marked bars and even jumbo 850g bars that are ideal for gifting! All of our Dairy Milk stock is available to order online in bulk, so what are you waiting for? Stock up on the nation’s favourite chocolate bar today!




          A famous blend of smooth caramel and creamy Dairy Milk has long been a love of British chocolate fans. Cadbury Caramel Dairy Milk is available in a range of sizes, multipacks and price-marked bars, it is easy for you to keep the love story going in your store.




          As we previously mentioned, the smoothness of Dairy Milk chocolate makes it the perfect companion to numerous flavours and other sweet treats – such as Oreo. The crunchy biscuit and creme filling are paired with the famous Cadbury chocolate to create some exciting treats. The range includes the Dairy Milk Oreo Sandwich Bar, which embeds the biscuits and their filling within Dairy Milk chocolate, whilst the Dairy Milk with Oreo Chocolate Bar fills the Dairy Milk pieces with a creamy vanilla centre and crunchy biscuit pieces. Both mouth-watering and exciting bars are available in price-marked packs too, to promote value and really catch the attention of shoppers.




          Perhaps not quite as glamorous as some of the other variations, the Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut is every bit as tasty. With juicy raisins and almonds spread throughout the bar, these have a devoted following of their own. As with all Dairy Milk bars, you’ll find a range of sizes and packs on offer, so you can add a fruitful line to your shelves that shoppers can go nuts for.




          Over the years, there have been countless flavour variations and limited edition bars that pique the interests of shoppers. From the crunchy delights of Cadbury Dairy Milk with Daim, Dairy Milk Wholenut and both Manchester United and Chelsea limited edition bars for sports fans, there is always a Dairy Milk for any occasion.




          Not only is the chocolate with a glass and a half of milk perfect for bars, but Dairy Milk lends itself perfectly to something a little different, too. Something lighter, but equally as delicious, like Cadbury Buttons. Coming in different sizes and packs – with a choice of flavour variations, too – a popping range of Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons will be music to the ears of shoppers of all ages.




          For shoppers of a certain age, Freddos are an important chocolate bar. Whether the delicious frogs of solid Dairy Milk chocolates or those with a caramel centre, you’ll find multipacks and PMPs to keep shoppers smiling whether they’re stocking up or grabbing a snack on the move, Freddo bars add character to any stock.




          Here at Hancocks, we work hard to ensure that our customers can offer sweet-toothed shoppers the most exciting and appealing confectionery. Knowing how beloved all things Cadbury are by Brits, it is no surprise that you’ll find such a wide range of wholesale Cadbury chocolate right here. Among that, of course, you’ll find an assortment of the most desirable names and bars, including all of these mouth-watering Dairy Milk bulk lines. All of our stock is available to order online in bulk, with UK delivery making it easier than ever to buy the wholesale chocolate you need. If you have any questions about any of our stock, you can contact us as we’ll gladly help you out however we can.