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Lindt chocolate appeals to consumers of all ages thanks to its signature silky smooth texture. Their delicious recipe can be enjoyed through bars, truffles and indulgent spreads – so there’s a bit of Lindt luxury for any business!


CLASSIC LINDT CHOCOLATE Ever since its creation, Lindt's silky smooth recipe has been popular with chocolate lovers. Over the years they've applied this formula to countless iconic chocolate treats that are loved by chocolate connoisseurs of all ages. Their range today is no different! From decadent chocolate bars to iconic Christmas chocolate and, of course, their signature LINDOR truffles, there's Lindt chocolate for any occasion. Their range even spreads far enough to give bakes and cakes that Lindt magic. LINDT LINDOR TRUFFLES LINDOR is a confectionery sensation. Initially introduced as a bar, it wasn't until Christmas 1969 that they took on their iconic round truffle shape. They were so popular that they became a permanent fixture shortly after and remain a favourite to this day! Since then, the range has gained mouth-watering flavours, meaning that there is a LINDOR truffle for everyone! Alongside the classic LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles, we have a selection of exciting flavours, meaning that you can cater for all shoppers and tastes. With options ranging from Extra Dark and White Chocolate to Salted Caramel Truffles and many more flavours, it's easy to put on an exciting range for your customers. LINDT CHOCOLATE BARS A key component of the Lindt range, their chocolate bars offer a moment of magic for any occasion. As a retailer, offering a selection of their bars will add a luxurious option to your shelves. The Lindt Excellence bars are luxurious treats for the chocolate lover. Ranging from the extremely rich and aromatic Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa Robust Dark bar to the Milk Extra Creamy Chocolate and an array of flavours infused with roasted hazelnuts, chillies and mint. Within our range, you'll also find Lindor Treat Bars as well as the Lindt Classic Recipe Vegan Smooth and Classic Recipe Vegan Hazelnut bars. LINDT CHOCOLATE BOX GIFTS Given their luxuriously smooth chocolate, Lindt lines are popular gifts throughout the year. Always sought after, cornets of LINDOR Truffles are a gift everyone would love to receive. Available in a wide range of flavours, customers will be able to find the perfect box to gift to their loved ones. The Lindt Milk Chocolate Golf Balls are a wonderful gift for avid golfers. With three indulgent hazelnut-filled milk chocolate balls wrapped to look like golf balls, these boxes are a lovely addition to any store as they're ideal for gifting on any occasion. Offering a range of flavours, the Lindt Selection Extra Fine Continental Chocolates are a lovely gift for families and are also a lovely sharing treat on social occasions. The expertise of the Lindt chocolatiers has also created other trays, with chocolates inspired by famous desserts as well as traditional pralines. LINDT CHOCOLATE SPREADS Making it easy to add the magic of Lindt to kitchen creations, the Hazelnut Chocolate Spread and Dark Chocolate Spread give shoppers and bakers alike the famous taste of Lindt at their fingertips. Perfect for spreading on toast, drizzling over pancakes, adding to your favourite bakes and delicious desserts, or indulging in straight from the jar. These spreads are a delicious way for anyone to enjoy Lindt's signature smoothness. LINDT CHRISTMAS CHOCOLATE Being such a popular brand, Christmas is a great time of year for Lindt sales. Whether Customers are looking for gifts or something to share on a cosy night in, there are plenty of Lindt options that will prove popular with chocolate-loving shoppers. From cornets of LINDOR to bars and trays of chocolate, there's an ideal gift for everyone. There are numerous luscious Lindt lines that are sprinkled with the magic of Christmas. Lindt has a wide range of Christmas Advent Calendars and Novelties; from the Lindt Advent Calendar 160g to their iconic Lindt Gold TEDDY, give your shoppers the opportunity to bring the Lindt magic home this Christmas with their fantastic impulse lines and gifting options in store. Here at Hancocks, you'll find all of the Lindt Christmas chocolate you need to spread the festive cheer, with everything from advent calendars and gift boxes to Christmas tree decorations! BUY LINDT CHOCOLATE IN BULK For retailers of chocolate, buying in bulk is the best way to fill your store with the Lindt products that your customers love. Bringing in wholesale quantities not only guarantees that you've got the stock you need but the best value, too. Here at Hancocks, all of the Lindt lines that we stock are available in bulk and at great trade prices. Whatever wholesale Lindt chocolate your business needs, you'll be able to find it here at Hancocks, the UK's largest confectionery wholesaler. WHOLESALE LINDT CHOCOLATE Adding a sprinkle of Lindt's silky chocolate will benefit any business. Whether you fill your shelves or add their signature smoothness to your own products, customers know and love the brand. Here at Hancocks, our range of Lindt wholesale delights includes stock that will appeal to any customer. Discover the lines you need online and make the most of our UK delivery or find your nearest Hancocks cash and carry to get your Lindt chocolate wholesale lines. If you have any questions about any of our Lindt products, or any other for that matter, contact our team and we'll happily help!