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Wholesale Easter Novelties

Get stocked up on Easter impulse lines from the brands that you customers love. With Easter novelties including chocolates, sweets and novelty Easter gifts, there is everything youll need to create springtime excitement in store.


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          Bulk Buy Easter Novelties

          When building your Easter range, novelty lines are an important aspect for any store. They catch the eye of shoppers and tempt them to treat themselves that little bit more! Oftentimes they also lead to sales of other lines and products too, as they get customers thinking about sweet treats! From tempting chocolate to entirely unique sweet treats, youll find a wide range of wholesale Easter sweets and chocolate here that are perfect for tempting shoppers into making a purchase. Find the bulk lines you need to build an irresistible range of Easter novelties right here at Hancocks!

          Easter Impulse Chocolate

          Without chocolate, Easter just wouldnt be the same, would it? When it comes to a springtime treat, a large portion of shoppers will turn to chocolate of some kind, whether that is a bar, an egg or a bunny. Here at Hancocks, we stock plenty of variations of them all! With choices from the biggest brands, such as Cadbury, Lindt and the whole Nestle family, as well as vegan, vegetarian and free-from options, you can build a range that excites every customer.

          Novelty Easter Eggs

          Symbolic of the whole season, eggs are an important part of any selection of Easter treats. Here at Hancocks, we have a wonderful range of novelty Easter eggs that are ideal for getting shoppers excited and enticing them to purchase. From classics and premium picks to American lines and vegan options, there is something for everyone. Whether they are bought as an on-the-go treat or as novelty Easter gifts, we have the eggs to do the trick.

          Mini Eggs

          A popular snack with all ages, mini chocolate eggs are a cracking option for any Easter range. The most iconic of all mini eggs are the Cadbury Mini Eggs. Theyre an Easter classic that chocoholics are excited for each year. Sold in a variety of formats, there are small cartons that are perfect for an Easter snack, whilst the Mini Eggs Tube makes a lovely gift.

          Made with delicious Swiss chocolate, Lindt also have several novelty mini eggs that will have sweet lovers licking their lips. Their Easter Fun Bugs & Bees are delicious milk chocolate eggs with delicious hazelnut crisp and adorable insect foil designs. Offering a more substantial treat that is ideal for sharing with loved ones, Lindt Lindor Mini Eggs come in a range of flavours and feature the signature melting centre. Available in white chocolate and milk chocolate with a white chocolate filling, these are a truly indulgent treat!

          All Easter mini eggs are available to buy in bulk, which means that stocking up and building your Easter range is simple. Our wholesale stock is all available to order online and will be delivered directly to you, so you can trust that youll have it when you need it.

          Creme Eggs

          Probably the most popular Easter chocolate, the Cadbury Creme Egg generates excitement like no other line throughout the spring. The devilishly sweet fondant centre encased in smooth Cadbury chocolate is only available for a certain period of the year, so make sure you get them before theyre gone. Available in cases of 48 eggs or a display unit containing 288, you can get great value on the quantity that suits your store.

          For those chasing the same sweet treat, but are on a vegan diet, Mummy Meegz are here to save the day. Their Chuckie Eggs use oat milk chocolate to encase their vegan chocolate centre, so the creamy and rich Easter treat can be enjoyed by all!

          Easter Impulse Sweets

          When it comes to catching the eye of shoppers around Easter, there are numerous creative sweets that are hard to ignore in store. With lollipops, gummy sweets and adorable marshmallows, there is plenty to choose from. With prestigious brands such as Haribo, Vimto and Bonds of London, there are exciting lines to pique the interest of every sweet lover.

          Fried Eggs

          A classic sweet throughout the year that appears in pick n mixes and treat bags in everywhere from corner shops and supermarkets to specialist sweetshops, there is no questioning the popularity of the humble Fried Egg. Given the theme of the season, it is a line worthy of extra attention in the springtime.

          Adding the twist of their famous flavour of blended berries, the Vimto Fried Eggs Treat Bags are an extra juicy Easter treat. Sold in packs of 24 treat bags, these are an impulse line that will stand out thanks to its different colour and flavour.

          Among other treats, youll find Haribos beloved fried egg sweets in their Chick N Mix Gift Box. Thanks to the amazing packaging design, they are hard to miss on shelf and offer you an eye-catching way to capitalise on the popularity of the brand.

          Jelly Bean Tubes

          Featuring a colourful rabbit head, the Bonds Jelly Beans Bunny Tubes are sure to attract your younger clientele. Theyre not only a fun and novel treat, but shoppers will see them as a fun and easy gifting option, too. With three different colours in each pack of 12, the tubes of delicious vegan jelly beans are suitable for a wide range of customers. Easy to merchandise, bright and perfectly on message for Easter, you will love them as much as your customers!

          More Easter Treats

          Here at Hancocks, we not only see the importance of exciting Easter impulse and novelty lines, but we know that there is so much else that shoppers look for this time of year. Thats why our dedicated Easter offering includes everything you could need for the season, with Easter sweets, Easter chocolate and, of course, the all-important Easter eggs!

          As with all other seasonal pushes, we work hard to offer the latest lines and those that your customers will be demanding throughout the year. All of our Easter range is available to order online and will be delivered by our reputable delivery partners. If you have any queries around any of our stock, delivery options or anything else at all, simply contact us and we will happily help you out.