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Get Your Pick n Mix Veganuary Ready

With Veganuary just around the corner, upping your pick n mix game can boost your bottom line.

Every year there is a growing demand for food that is suitable for a wide range of dietary requirements. One of the most commonly requested dietary requirements, the demand for vegan food has continued to grow year by year. The same can be said of Veganuary. A movement kickstarted as recently as 2015, it is seen by some as a challenge, a trend by others and treated as a trial by those considering full-time veganism. For those who are already vegan, it’s just a normal January! But for confectionery retailers, it offers a unique opportunity. There will be clamour from sweet lovers to get their hands on the latest and most exciting vegan sweets and catering to this demand will serve you well. Gone are the days when vegan sweets are only eaten by vegans. Today, there are so many truly exciting vegan sweets that everyone will enjoy.

An area of confectionery that is both an important aspect for any sweetshop and bustling with fantastic vegan options, pick n mix is a worthy area of focus for Veganuary! There are so many brands offering fantastic free-from lines that you could replace your whole pick and mix stand! Here, we’ve highlighted some of the brands and lines that are true crowd-pleasers and hit the mark with vegan and non-vegan customers alike! Adding these vegan pick n mix sweets to your range is a sure-fire way to appeal to all shoppers.


The Kingsway Mega Value Fizzy Strawberries are a punchy, fruity treat that is vegan-friendly and offers amazing value!

Part of the Hancocks journey from the very beginning, Kingsway has been providing quality pick n mix sweets since 1962! Across the decades, they’ve remained at the forefront of pick n mix and have always known what retailers and sweet fans are looking for. So, it is no surprise that they have been adding vegan options to their range for a while now.

Their selection of vegan options is a broad one, including retro sweets alongside new and exciting treats that have taken pick n mix stands by storm! From Mega Value Fizzy Strawberries to Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles and the innovative Tongue Painters, Kingsway have a pick for everyone’s mix!


BUBS Sweets

BUBS Cola Skulls - simply delicious vegan pick n mix!

Swedish sweet makers BUBS create delicious pick n mix sweets that are sure to stand out on your wall of pick and mix. They don't use animal by-products either and are vegan-friendly! Their range includes a variety of quirky designs and punchy flavour mixes, with their Raspberry & Blueberry Foam Sweets and Cool Passion Pineapple Skulls both fine examples! Add them to your shelves and give shoppers some memorable vegan options.

The Fudge Factory

This Fudge Factory vegan fudge will as rich and creamy character to your pick and mix offering!

Typically made with cream, offering a vegan fudge option will surely turn a few heads! Thanks to The Fudge Factory, you can do just that. Their extensive range of flavoured fudge includes a selection of vegan flavours, including Salted Caramel and Chocolate Orange, among others! Adding these to your shelves will surely turn heads and put smiles on faces.


Add some old school cool with the Royale Kola Cubes!

Bringing a bit of sweetshop charm, Royale’s range of traditional and hard-boiled sweets will add charm to any range of sweets. Both in a weigh-out jar or a pick and mix stand, their timeless treats will generate excitement among older sweets fans. Vegan-suitable classics include Kola Bricks (Soft Centre) and Kendall Mint Cake, among others.



Iconic chewy treats Millions have plenty of vegan options - and they've teamed up with Vimto for extra deliciousness, too!

The tiny chewy treats that are loved by sweet lovers of all ages, Millions are a welcome addition to any store. Across their range of flavours, you can find bulk jars that allow shoppers a Millions pick n mix experience – that is vegan, too! Available in both Vimto and Watermelon flavours, as well as the regular Raspberry, Bubblegum, Strawberry and Cola!


Other Veganuary Hits

The award-winning Dirty Cow Salty Susan bar is a decadent vegan chocolate option for Veganuary.

No matter how full your pick n mix stand is with vegan goodies, it makes sense to also stock vegan impulse lines and other options that shoppers can also enjoy throughout Veganuary. From sweets to chocolate, so many of the most popular brands have vegan options. From Vidal’s Veggie Marshmallows (which are vegan-friendly) to sweetshop favourites and truly indulgent chocolate bars from Dirty Cow, there are vegan options to cater for any taste.

For on-the-go shoppers, the Bonds Dracula Teeth Shaker Cup is ideal. Filled with a tasty portion of the popular gummy sweets, they’re an impulse line that is hard to resist. You can add some Swizzels favourites to your Veganuary offering, too. From Drumstick Lollies to Love Hearts, there’s a taste of a Swizzels favourite for everyone!

The PEZ candies are vegan! Add the iconic dispenser to your veganuary offering to catch the attention of every shopper!

Finally, another sweetshop icon that you can fit into your Veganuary offering is PEZ! The crowd-pleasing candy dispenser with character has an array of vegan flavours available. Free-from flavours include PEZ Fruit Mix, Cola and both Fizzy and Exotic Mix Refills. Of course, there are multiple amazing PEZ characters available too. So, from Pokémon to Barbie, there are plenty of ways to add some star quality to your shelves!

Here at Hancocks, our range of vegan sweets includes fantastic options that will make it easy for your store to thrive this Veganuary. You’ll be able to cater for every shopper, from the casual to the full-time vegan, with ease. As with all of our lines, you can find the stock online and we will deliver it to you, making it easier to get prepared during the hectic festive period! We work hard to make sure that you can offer your shoppers the experience they expect, so if you have any queries about any of the lines we stock, feel free to contact the Hancocks team and we will happily help you out!

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