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The Best Vegan Sweets

The Best Vegan Sweets

Find the best vegan sweets right here at Hancocks

In the confectionery industry, vegan sweets represent more than a trend – they’re a testament to evolving consumer preferences and a continually growing market segment. As the UK's premier confectionery wholesaler, we are dedicated to helping your business thrive by embracing these changes. We like to think of ourselves as the go-to vegan sweets wholesaler, too. Our curated selection of the very best vegan sweets combines heritage, innovation, and mouth-watering flavours to satisfy your customers – whether they are vegan or not. 

Well-Known Brands That Sell Vegan Sweets


Swizzels Refreshers Chew bars have long been a customer favourite - they've long been vegan, too.

Swizzels, a cherished name in British confectionery since 1928, has numerous crowd-pleasing lines that are vegan-friendly. Their repertoire of famous treats includes vegan-friendly options like the Refreshers Lemon Chew BarsSweet Shop Favourites Carton, and Mega Rainbow Drops to name just a few. Over the years, the brand’s commitment to innovation has not stopped them from creating amazing sweets that everyone can enjoy. Stocking Swizzels products can marry together both traditional favourites and a forward-thinking approach to modern confectionery customer demands.


Since 1862, Rowntree's has been a cornerstone of the British sweet industry. Many of their beloved treats, such as Jelly Tots and Fruit Pastilles, have long been vegan, underscoring a legacy of creating mouthwatering treats that can be enjoyed by everyone! You’re likely to already have stocked these fruity favourites, but highlighting their suitability for those following a vegan diet can enhance their popularity and educate customers.


Sour, fruity, chewy - and vegan - sour Skittles tick many boxes for a range of shoppers.

Skittles have been synonymous with colourful, fruity fun since the 1970s. Today, their range embraces the vegan movement without losing its iconic flair. Its vegan-friendly offerings, such as the Skittles Vegan Fruits Treat Bag and Crazy Sours Bag ensure that Skittles continues to be a go-to choice for consumers seeking both taste and ethical integrity regardless of their dietary preferences.


Iconic, chewy and free-from any animal products, the Bubblegum Millions are sure to find their way into shoppers' baskets.

Known for their tiny, tasty, and irresistibly chewy sweets, Millions have successfully ventured into vegan territory. By offering delicious vegan-friendly flavours like Watermelon Tubes and Bubblegum Bags, Millions appeal to younger, diet-conscious customers, making them a must-have for your contemporary sweet selection. 


Fresh and minty and free-from, these are a great option for vegan shoppers.

Established in 1918, Fox's has been a bastion of British confectionery for over a century. Their pick of vegan options includes products like Glacier Mints and Glacier Fruits and proves that long-time favourites can be suitable for all, making them a valuable addition to any retail assortment.


BUBS make eye-catching, mouth-watering vegan pick n mix that will boost any wholesale sweets range.

A name that might not be known by everyone just yet, BUBS is quickly making a name for itself with an innovative approach to vegan sweets. Their offerings, including Dizzy Bubblegum Skulls and Wild Strawberry Pomegranate Ovals, bring a fresh and modern twist to the vegan sweets market, perfect for businesses looking to diversify their vegan pick n mix product lines. With eye-catching designs and amazing flavour combinations, these will catch the eye of all customers – vegan or otherwise!

Candy Kittens

Invented with the style and panache of Chelsea and made without a totally vegan recipe, these are a luxurious addition to any range.

Candy Kittens represents the fusion of gourmet quality with vegan ethics. Started in 2012 by Jamie Laing of Made in Chelsea fame and Ed Williams, this contemporary brand, offering delights like Sour WatermelonEton Mess, and Wild Strawberry Pouches, caters to a discerning customer base that values taste, quality ingredients and sustainability. Including Candy Kittens in your selection speaks to your commitment to offering quality sweets for your customers, as well as catering to everyone. The British vegan sweets have stylish branding and packaging that will turn heads, too. 

Do Vegan Sweets Taste Different?

When shoppers first try vegan sweets, it often prompts questions about taste and quality. However, as a relatively new market within the world of confectionery, vegan sweets have come a long way in a short space of time. While the ingredients differ, the commitment to flavour remains steadfast and is a central concern for vegan sweet-makers. Vegan sweets, often crafted with plant-based ingredients, offer a unique taste experience without compromising on the sweet experience your customers love.

Best Vegan Pick n Mix Sweets

Made with a free-from recipe, these great value Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles are a vegan version of a loved best-seller.

Hancocks' range of vegan pick and mix sweets, including the popular Kingsway Gummy StarsFizzy Cherry Cola Bottles, and Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles, offers an assortment that is sure to delight a customer base seeking a vegan mix. As with many brands that offer vegan treats, so many new lines added by Kingsway are vegan, ranging from seasonal pick n mix lines to their Mega Value Range. Among our diverse range, vegan pick and mix sweets from names such as the aforementioned BUBS, Barratt and Frisia’s iconic Flying Saucers.

More Vegan Sweets

For an even broader range of vegan sweets, explore our extensive collection, perfect for businesses looking to cater to the evolving tastes of their clientele. Stocking vegan sweets is not just about keeping up with trends—it's about meeting the demands of a diverse and growing customer base. With Hancocks' selection, your business is poised to capitalize on this shift, ensuring your shelves are filled with sweets that resonate with today's consumer preferences. From sharing bags to singles, bulk pick n mix and novelty lines, you’ll find the best vegan sweets to buy for your store right here.

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