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The Power of Sour Sweets

The Power of Sour Sweets

The Power of Sour Sweets Blog Image

It may be a trend that has been around for a while, but sweets fans adore sour sweets. No matter what kind of sweets they are, the kick of sour can transform the whole experience and for some sweet lovers it is the pinnacle! From retro favourites to pick n mix, novelty sweets and American candy stars, the appeal of sour is going nowhere. On the market today you’ll find sour options from the biggest players in the game. From Sour Skittles to Haribo, there are amazing sour options within many ranges, whilst numerous brands are sour sweet specialists!

The Barnetts Mega Sour range is, well, very sour indeed!

Pick n mix sweets are adored by people of all ages. Taking a look at bestselling pick n mix lines only confirms the popularity of sour flavours among UK pick n mixers! From Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles to Watermelon Slices and countless other choices, many of the most desirable lines across pick and mix stands across the country are sour! Most often these are gummy treats with a sour sugar coating, but you also see classics like Flying Saucers and the Barnetts Mega Sour range.

Warheads candy has a naem that will catch the eye - and is sour enough to make them water, too!

American sweets are increasingly popular in the UK and they may be a factor behind the current swell in demand for sour sweets. The American candy landscape is filled with not just sour, but supremely sour sweets that for some might even be too much! The prime examples of such sweets being Warheads and Toxic Waste. Both of these brands, in particular, possess such a kick that they inspired competitions across schoolyards to see who could eat the most! American sour candy isn’t all about challenging yourself though, there are many delicious options that are much tamer! From the makers of Red Vines, you have Sour Punch, fun and fruity liquorice lengths with a sour coating that comes in a range of packs and flavours. Another favourite, and one that many sweets fans would have heard of before, is Sour Patch. The iconic Sour Patch Kids are fruit-flavoured gummies that have a fun shape and a delicious kick to their fruitiness. They even have adorable smiles on their faces – just like your happy customers!

The novel delivery of liquid candy makes Brain Lickers a seriously popular novelty treat.

Particularly for younger shoppers, one of the easiest ways to keep them smiling is by offering a strong selection of novelty sweets. It won’t come as a surprise, either, that our novelty range is filled with sour treats, too. Our selection of wholesale sweets includes some very novel choices that are as sour as they are imaginative and exciting! The best novelty sweets are as much about fun and play as they are the delicious treats inside – that’s why PEZ is such a global phenomenon! Their Sour Refills are perfect for sour sweet fans and are a great reason for them to keep coming back to your store. You’ll also find several lollipops paired with sherbet or sour gel, as well as numerous types of sour liquid candy, such as Brain Licker, in a wide range of flavours.

Any retailer knows that keeping shoppers smiling and coming back for more is key to success. With sour sweets enjoying a purple patch at the moment, they are a must-have string to any confectionery bow. Within our range, you’ll find all of the most popular sour wholesale sweets that will have shoppers licking their lips. From Kingsway Fizzy Sour Apple sweets to Haribo Tangfastics, challengingly sour treats and so many more, you’ll find all the bulk stock you need here at Hancocks. As with any of our wholesale sweets and chocolate, the amazing sour lines are available to buy in bulk online, meaning you can focus on your business whilst your order is shipped to you. So it couldn’t be easier to stock up on the sour sweets UK shoppers love! We work hard and don’t want our services to leave any of our customers with a sour taste in their mouths – if you have any queries, please contact us and we will assist however we can.

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