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HalloweenHalloween is bigger than ever here in the UK, especially for the confectionery market. The classic trick or treat celebration will continue to grow and this is the ideal time for independent retailers to increase their margins on confectionery before the Christmas rush!

 As an occasion in the calendar, Halloween grows in importance year by year for retailers. Now an attraction for all ages, there are an increasing number of parties and events geared around Halloween that clearly require items to be purchased for them.

 Much of the purchasing activity occurs close to the event but retailers must display their range in good time to ensure that all of their customers are aware of its availability and consider them at the last minute.

 A retailer can maximise the impact of his Halloween range by combining product categories into one big, impactful display instead of grouping each category separately in different areas of the store. Some creativity and thought about a Halloween display really can put money in the till.

 Here at Hancocks we have developed a brand new range of Ghostbuster confectionery products specifically for the spooky season! Everything from Stay Puft Spread and Mini Mallows, through to jelly pops, proton beam laces, witches fingers and many more. Check out the full range below.

 Along with our new Ghostbuster range we also stock many novelty confectionery products that fit the Halloween season but are still available all year round, that see big sales peaks during October too. Some examples are:

  • Dracula Teeth
  • Giant Spiders
  • Giant Sculls
  • Jelly Bones


Merchandising within the confectionery market for Halloween has grown just as much as the category its self! Over the past 5 years Halloween has become more popular and now during the run up it is very difficult to forget the spooky season is on its way. The majority of big brands are fully behind Halloween including Haribo, Swizzels, Mondelez and Nestle. Each year their range grows. Halloween is far from just trick or treat now, with everyday treats such as cakes, crisps and biscuits available to match the theme.



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  1. Faam Vampire Fangs 5p Sweets Tub
    • Frighteningly tasty fruit flavour gummy sweets
    • Gelatine free
    • Sell individually for 5p
    • 150 pieces in each tub
    Learn More
    Code 301119
    £5.49 excl. VAT £6.59 incl. VAT

  2. Trolli Dracula 200g
    • Strawberry & cream flavoured gummy sweets
    • Perfect for Halloween!
    • 12 x 200g bags
    Learn More
    Code 302224
    £7.40 excl. VAT £8.88 incl. VAT

  3. Sweet Skulls Pop Ups Lollipops 72g
    • Refillable 'lollipop keeper' with strawberry flavoured lollipop
    • Fun pop up action
    • 3 colours to collect
    • 12 x 72g packs
    Learn More
    Code 307239
    £7.29 excl. VAT £8.75 incl. VAT

  4. Alma Big Bones 10p Tub
    • Fruit flavour jelly sweets
    • Great value tub; 60 sweets
    • Sell individually for 10p to maximise your margins
    Learn More
    Code 301099
    £3.75 excl. VAT £4.50 incl. VAT

  5. Toxic Waste Cherry Chew Bars 20g
    • Sour cherry flavour chew bars
    • Ultra sour taste
    • 50 x 20g chew bars
    Learn More
    Code 300546
    £4.99 excl. VAT £5.99 incl. VAT

  6. Pumpkin Pail Spooky Candy Mix 176g
    • A mix of spooky candy in a pumpkin pail
    • Includes lollipops, jellybeans, mallows & gummy sweets
    • Approx. 27 pieces in each pumpkin
    • 1 x 176g pack
    Learn More
    Code 307545
    £1.69 excl. VAT £2.03 incl. VAT

  7. Giant Gummy Spider 500g
    • Blackcurrant flavour gummy bat
    • Giant 500g size
    • Perfect for Halloween
    Learn More
    Code 304562
    £3.29 excl. VAT £3.95 incl. VAT

  8. Foil Chocolate Skulls
    • Fun foil chocolate skulls
    • Perfect for party bags & halloween
    • 45 per box
    Learn More
    Code 301033
    £13.99 excl. VAT £16.79 incl. VAT

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