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Welcome to Kingsway, the King of Confectionery at Hancocks! The confectionery specialists at Hancocks have used their unparalleled experience in the sweets industry to create a completely new brand of wholesale sweets that combines high quality and amazing tastes with great value.

A Confectionery Brand with Over 50 Years of Experience

Launched back in the 1960s, Kingsway has now become one of the most reputable sweets brands within the UK industry. When we started crafting the Kingsway sweets we knew that at the core of this confectionery brand had to be the needs of our customers – busy confectionery retailers who want to thrive in an increasingly competitive market. This is why the Kingsway wholesale sweets offer incredible value, allowing you to maximise your margins, whilst your customers get to enjoy an impressive variety of mouth-watering sweets.

From Pick and Mix Sweets to Seasonal Treats, There’s Plentyto Choose From with Kingsway

Retailers can choose from an entire range of Kingsway pick and mix sweets which include retro varieties, as well as more contemporary options. But that’s not all. The impressive Kingsway range also features an expanded selection of Kingsway bagged sweets and seasonal sweets, so you can keep your sweets shop bursting with high quality sweets all year-round and make the most of key events such as Christmas or Easter.

Ready to Gain Higher Margins? Start Today with Kingsway!

With so many confectionery varieties to choose from, it might seem like an overwhelming task picking the best Kingsway sweets for your store, but fear not! Our friendly team is here to help, you just need to get in touch with us.

Don’t forget to showcase your Kingsway sweets in a special display so they can attract the attention of your customers more easily. And if you want to appeal to a larger audience, why not stock up on different kinds of Kingsway sweets? Discover our full range of Kingsway wholesale sweets online or in one of 20 Hancocks cash and carries and let us know which ones are your favourite on Facebook or Twitter!

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  • Kingsway Sugar Free Cola Bottles 3kg

    Kingsway Sugar Free Cola Bottles 3kg

    £10.75 excl. VAT £12.90 incl. VAT
    Code 304200
  • Kingsway Sugar Free Lollies Jar

    Kingsway Sugar Free Lollies Jar

    £13.99 excl. VAT £16.79 incl. VAT
    Code 33266
  • Sugar Free Chocolate Eclairs

    Kingsway Sugar Free Chocolate Eclairs Jar 2kg

    £11.29 excl. VAT £13.55 incl. VAT
    Code 60423

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3 Item(s)