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Our exclusive Machine & Stand Bundles offer you the best value for money and help get you started selling Ice Cream, Slush, Pick & Mix and more.

Crazy Candy Factory 20 Bin Stand Bundle

Our Crazy Candy Factory Pick 'n' Mix Stand Deal is the perfect way to start selling pick 'n' mix in your store! Each stand contains 20 bins to allow you to offer a wide range of sweets.

This great value bundle includes a 20 bin stand, scoops, sweet bags, pick 'n' mix cups and 20 bulk bags of our best selling pick & mix sweets!

Pez Semi Circular Small Stand Deal

Our Semi Circular Pez Display Stand is the perfect way to merchandise your Pez range instore.

This Pez Stand Deal contains 12 dispenser and refil pack outers.

Slush Machine Bundles

Our Crazy Frosty Factory Slush Machines offers you excellent value for money, the bundle includes everything you need to start selling Slush and ensures you a strong margin of 90% on each £1 12oz cup. This stylish and compact design has 10 litre bowls, freezes down quickly and is easily cleaned and maintained in perfect condition because the components are simple to remove and reassemble.

Each bundle contains Slush Machine, 12oz cups, dome lids, paper straws and a selection of Crazy Frosty Factory Slush to get you started.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Bundle

Our Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Bundle is the perfect package to get you started on selling ice cream. Our compact counter top unit is practical, reliable and simple to use with a large 3.5L capacity in its upper tank plus 1L in its freezing cylinder. 

The great value bundle contains Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine, a selection of classic ice cream cones and ice cream mix.

Order now and get ready for the summer holidays!

All bundles featured are available in our cash and carries as well as online, find your nearest cash and carry here. 

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