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  1. Wotsits Cheese Crisps 5 Pack
    32 x (5 x 16.5g) Sell at £1.00 POR 20.16%
    ex. VAT £21.29
    Vat 20%

  2. Doritos Chilli Heatwave Tortilla Chips 5 Pack
    30 x (5 x 30g) Sell at £1.00 POR 19%
    ex. VAT £24.30
    Vat 0%

Multipacks are synonymous with value for money, and that’s what Hancocks love to offers its customers! Multipacks appeal to a wide range of consumers and no snack range is complete without offering a multipack option. Multipacks are a firm favourite with all customers looking for variety, convenience and value for money.

Hancocks offer a vast range of multipack snacks ensuring you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Our bestselling multipack snacks include:

  • Walkers
  • McCoy’s
  • Skips
  • Discos
  • Hula Hoops
  • Pom Bears
  • Cheestos

Multipacks are a perfect item to offer if you are an independent retailer, ideal for families stocking up mid-week. The variety packs offer an assortment of flavours perfect for keeping all the family happy. Multipacks are ideal for parents to use throughout the week for lunch box fillers and for an after school or work snack.

Hancocks are committed to offering its customers the best possible prices, ensuring independent retailers can effectively complete against supermarkets. Our branded discount bulk snack range guarantees high margins and happy customers!

Multipack snacks are ideal to stock all year round but especially during term time, increase sales by promoting the advantages of purchasing variety packs and target point of sales towards busy families and those looking for good value snacks and convenience.

As well as having a host of confectionery experts on hand Hancocks can also offer advice on a range of discount and wholesale snacks from our snacking specialists.
Hancocks supply wholesale and bulk snacks, including crisps, nuts, cereal bars and biscuits. Find all the big brands at great high margin prices at Hancocks. Our pricing is very competitive and we are a one stop shop for all your confectionery, drink and snacking needs. Browse our extensive range of over 5000 products online or click here to find your local depot.

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