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  1. Alma 27items
  2. Anglo Bubbly 2items
  3. Astra 2items
  4. Barnetts 45items
  5. Barratt 16items
  6. Bazooka 7items
  7. BIP Candy & Toys 2items
  8. BIPMoji 2items
  9. Blackwood's 6items
  10. Bonds 55items
  11. Bonnerex 3items
  12. Brays 7items
  13. Buchanan's 16items
  14. Cadbury 1item
  15. Candy Pops 47items
  16. Carol Anne 27items
  17. Celebrations 1item
  18. Chupa Chups 7items
  19. Crawford's 6items
  20. Crazy Candy Factory 60items
  21. Damel 2items
  22. Dobsons 46items
  23. Fini 1item
  24. Frisia 7items
  25. Fruittella 2items
  26. Fudge Factory 24items
  27. Fundy Gummy 10items
  28. Gardiners 1item
  29. Gibb 12items
  30. Glisten 2items
  31. Gray's 3items
  32. H&H Confectionery 1item
  33. Hannah's 6items
  34. Haribo 64items
  35. Jakemans 1item
  36. Jesmona 2items
  37. Juicy Drop 2items
  38. Kandy King 17items
  39. Kingsway 228items
  40. Kinnerton 12items
  41. Laica 2items
  42. Lets Bake & Decorate 4items
  43. Lindor 12items
  44. Lion 6items
  45. Lonka 9items
  46. Lutti 3items
  47. M&M's 1item
  48. Maoam 5items
  49. Maxons 17items
  50. Millions 4items
  51. Oreo 1item
  52. Orion 36items
  53. Other 73items
  54. Paw Patrol 2items
  55. Peppa Pig 1item
  56. PJ Masks 1item
  57. Pollard's 1item
  58. Princess 2items
  59. Quality Street 1item
  60. Reese's 1item
  61. Rose Marketing 1item
  62. Ross's 2items
  63. Royale 122items
  64. Sela 2items
  65. Shoebury 1item
  66. Skippers 1item
  67. Skittles 1item
  68. Smarties 1item
  69. Squirrel 2items
  70. Stockley's 43items
  71. Sultans 1item
  72. Sweet Dreams 8items
  73. Sweet Spot 2items
  74. Sweetzone 38items
  75. Swizzels 34items
  76. Tango 2items
  77. Taveners 16items
  78. The Dorset Sweet Company 18items
  79. The Jelly Bean Factory 26items
  80. The Real Candy Co 4items
  81. Tilley's 8items
  82. Trolls 1item
  83. Uncle Joe's 3items
  84. Uncle Luke's 1item
  85. Vidal 40items
  86. Vimto 5items
  87. Walkers Chocolate 1item
  88. Walkers Nonsuch 18items
  89. Wawel 5items
  90. Werthers 2items
  91. Westheads 10items
  92. Zed Candy 3items
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Pick and Mix is a tried and tested customer favourite. With more and more confectionery retailers now stocking a range of Pick and Mix sweets, this is one market trend that’s really on the up. Whether you’re looking to expand your current range of Pick and Mix sweets or even if you’re looking to sell them for the first time, then Hancocks can help.

We’re the UK’s favourite wholesale sweet and chocolate supplier, helping retailers stock all their customers’ favourite varieties of confectionery for more than fifty years. Our nationwide cash and carry stores stock more than 5,000 different branded and own brand ranges, while our online catalogue brings together some of our most popular confectionery varieties. Whether you want to browse the aisles for the best deals or order online for quick and easy delivery, Hancocks makes buying wholesale confectionery easy.

When it comes to Pick and Mix, our selection can help you to make the right choices for your customers. Choosing the right range of products can really work wonders for sales, so it pays to be tuned in to what your customers are looking for.

If you’re located near a school then catering your Pick and Mix selection for the tastes of children could boost your sales. Younger customers often like fizzy, sour, gummy or novelty Pick and Mix; for example, cola bottles, fried eggs, Haribo, flying saucers, rainbow belts or candy jewellery. Hancocks stocks a huge range of children’s’ favourites as well as a few newer varieties, such as our selection of unusual animal shaped sweets or foam sweets.

If your target market is more grown up then you’ll want to target different confectionery. One key trend for older customers is nostalgic and old fashioned sweets. Liquorice, Jelly Beans, bon bons, rhubarb and custard, pear drops – these are just a few of your options. These sweets are often ones fondly remembered from childhood, however they also appeal to the wider ‘vintage’ trend long present on the high street.

Pick and Mix is a key area of sales for many independent retailers. Once you know which market you want to target, you can start to compile the best range of sweets for your customers. Retailers are often able to achieve margins of up to 70% with Pick and Mix, so it’s worth getting your range of confectionery right. Hancocks can help you do just that.    

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