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          Wholesale Bottle-shaped Sweets

          The bottle sweet has long been a favourite of people from all generations, making them ideal for sweets shops shelves, pick and mix collections and sweet hampers.

          The selection of bottle sweets we have at Hancocks covers a wide range of flavours, textures and sizes, allowing you to stock up on everything your customers might need.

          Bottle sweets can provide that fizzy tang, giving customers a sugary kick and an exciting flavour to enjoy. Or a milk bottle sweet might be more to their liking, with a softer yet still delicious taste. Either way, these vintage sweets are sure to be a favourite.

          Traditional Favourites

          Perhaps the most famous bottle sweet is the fizzy cola bottle and their cherry-flavoured partner in crime. We stock 2.5kg packs of Cola and Cherry Cola Bottles from Kingsway, as well as boxes of Cola and Cherry Cola Bottles from Crazy Candy.

          Many customers prefer the gentler flavour of a mallow bottle. We have plenty of these in our range, including Strawberry Milkshake, Bubblegum and Cherry Cola flavours and more, helping you stock up on a pleasing range of options when it comes to your bottled sweets.

          We also stock old classics like Barratts Milk Bottle Gums and Hannah's Strawberry Shakes, while shoppers looking for larger bottle sweet options would be delighted to see a box of Haribo Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles on your shelves. We also stock packs of sugar-free Cola Bottles from Kingsway.

          So if you're looking to buy sweets in bulk, look no further than Hancocks, the UK's largest confectionery wholesaler.