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The Advantages of Stocking Sugar Free Sweets

Sweets without sugar? Yes, it is a thing and it is taking off in a big way!

The sugar-free sweets market is growing, so as a retailer, now is the perfect time to join in and stock up. Luckily for you, as Hancocks has the UK’s largest range of confectionery and is one of the best sweet wholesalers out there, so you’re in safe hands!

There has been a notable rise in health awareness in recent years, meaning people are looking for alternatives to satisfy their sweet tooth. Sugar-free sweets represent the perfect items to offer your health-conscious customers.

Hancocks has a dedicated category of Wholesale Sugar-Free Sweets featuring some of the UK’s favourites and plenty of classics in sugar-free form. We have a range of different options perfect for you to stock up on.

There are many benefits of going sugar-free. One is they are kinder to your teeth, meaning possibly fewer trips to the dentist. This means your customers can enjoy products like Wrigley’s sugar-free chewing gum and Kingsway sugar-free lollies safe in the knowledge that their teeth aren’t being damaged by sugars.

Sugar-free sweets allow you to appreciate the taste of the Sugar-Free Chocolate Eclairs and the classic Werther’s Original chewy Toffees without being concerned with the sugar levels.

Our Chocolate & Sugar confectionery range and Pick and Mix Sweet range also feature sugar-free options. Among our best-selling sugar-free options are the Sugar Free Cola Bottles, the Sugar-Free Lollies Jar and many, many more.

Stocking these sugar-free sweets means all sweet lovers are catered for. Many say the sugar-free options taste the same if not better!

Our sugar-free range are perfect for any type of organisation. Being aware of dietary concerns in the confectionery market and catering to all audiences is crucial to help make you stand out and satisfy all of your customers.

This is why, alongside our sugar-free options, we also offer Vegan sweetsVegetarian sweetsHalal sweetsGluten-free sweets and Dairy-free sweets, making Hancocks your one stop shop to buy sweets in bulk for your full customer base.

Growing demand for these sweets presents extra opportunities to fill your store with a wide range of sugar-free confectionery. To order, simply register for an account today if you haven’t already, and enjoy free delivery on orders over £500.

Registration is fast and simple, allowing you to focus on your orders and getting those perfect products onto your shelves.

We also offer you the chance to go to your nearest Hancocks depot and collect in store for free. Please get in touch if you have any questions and our customer service team will be happy to help.